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Saturday, 26th September 2015
The Met, Bury, The UK

Article and photos By Juan C. Araneda and Rosa Munoz

We were back to The Met hall in Bury, a town close to Manchester, to see IQ playing live again. We've been there several times to attend to IQ concerts, including some memorable gigs, like three Subterranea shows, in September 1997 when the album was launched, and one of the last in April 1999, then followed up with Dark Matter in October 2004 and Frequency played live entirely in October 2009. This time the hall was rapidly packed because the gig was sold out.


At 8:20pm lights turned off and IQ musicians Mike Holmes (guitar), Tim Esau (bass), Neil Durant (keyboards) and Paul Cook (drums) entered to the stage and started up playing Sacred Sound, the opening track of Dark Matter album.


Peter Nicholls appeared on the stage just in time to sing his vocal lines. Back to classics IQ followed with Outer Limits, while the back screen projected great images of The Wake album cover.


The band was in tune, as usual, and superbly continued playing the main tracks of The Road of Bones (From the Outside In, The Road of Bones, Without Walls and Ocean), inserting the track Born Brilliant in between. Musical performance was perfect and accurate to the originals. Poetry behind the great lyrics is always delightful to listen to Peter.


Afterwards IQ played the powerful Ryker Skies and then the brilliant and emotional track Guiding Light, from The Seventh House album. The main set closed with Until the End and the classic Headlong. Peter also announced that next year IQ will celebrate their 35th anniversary, so some surprises are expected in 2016!


For the encores, IQ musicians returned to the stage to play the medley Out of Nowhere - Mamma Mia and closed this great concert with the classic The Wake at 10:30pm. Going out of the venue we congratulated our good friend and IQ sound engineer Rob Aubrey for the extraordinary live sound, and said a fast hello to Peter. Another great night with a great band. IQ are on the road of the best!

Sacred Sound
Outer Limits
From the Outside In
Born Brilliant
The Road of Bones
Without Walls
Ryker Skies
Guiding Light
Until the End

Out of Nowhere/ Mamma Mia
The Wake

IQ official Website

The Met


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