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Spock's Beard, Synaesthesia & Special Providence

Thursday, 17th September 2015
De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, the Netherlands

Article and Video By Andrť de Boer
Article on Special Providence by Menno Schouten

Because of me arriving late at de Boerderij, Menno Schouten was kind enough to step in for doing a review on the first support band Special Providence for us. The venue not being sold out completely was rather busy. I was fortunate to meet up with three American gentlemen that followed part of this Spockís Beard European tour. A tour with two support acts, Special Providence from Hungary and Synaesthesia from the UK, both bands had been playing this venue before.


Special Providence

The evening witnessed a rather early kick-off by Special Providence from Hungary. Upon inquiry this turned out to be because headliner Spockís Beard wanted to play a bit longer since the proceedings were to be filmed. This also meant that playing time had to be cut short, a problem that second support act Synaesthesia had to cope with as well. Therefore the setlist was bereft of any build-up or dynamics, but this certainly wasnít the case for the songs themselves. The guys were clearly having a great time and actually played some kind of home game as most people in the audience had already had an opportunity to admire the band at Progdreams IV or during the anniversary edition of Night of the Prog last summer. The songs have a variety of styles, but are characterized primarily by technical skill and virtuous performance, which especially in a live setting come to full fruition. Think Dream Theater, but without any vocals Ė which some would say does not necessarily represent a disadvantage...

Setlist Special Providence
Babel Confusion
Surprise Me
Awaiting the Semicentennial Tidal Wave
Lazy Boy
Northern Lights

Synaesthesia / Kyros

Third time to see this band live. Members are Adam Warne (keys, vocals), Peter Episcopo (bass), Robin Johnson (drums) and Sam Higgins and Joey Frevola (guitar). Joey -living in the US- regularly flies over to the UK where the rest of the band resides. And I can see huge changes. Changes in style, in songs, in the way they present themselves and most of all in confidence. Because this is a young and hugely talented band that needed time to settle and get used to all the fuzz and quirkiness of gigging. Today we see thatís over. The show is relaxed, instead of stress we see smiles, itís not focussed on Adam Warne anymore and we see some movement.


Even though the short set only had one ďoldĒ song and mainly existed of four parts of a brand new song, the band managed to show being in their comfort zone. I love to see a band grow like this, they deserve a wider audience. Speaking of that, the band is changing label, departing Giant Electric Pea and the band has been renamed to KYROS from now on. So the show was good, sometimes instruments or vocals got lost in the PA, but that didnít spoil the excitement much. And although it was too short a set, every second of it was loved. Take a look at the live video below to relive it or to get an impression.

Setlist Synaesthesia / Kyros
The Human Voice (I: Mind Electric)
The Human Voice (VII to IX: Boiling Point, Ego, Dilate)

Spock's Beard

No question about it. Who is not looking forward to a Spockís Beard gig every now and then? I always do and so I did for this night. All over, it again was a typical jolly and delightful Spockís Beard concert, fitting the ones I have seen in the last twelve years. Still they all seemed a tad matte tonight, tired, not as sparkling as I know them. Must have been the touring as no one reported ill. Set lists show that they have been doing the exact same show over and over again. No song, no encore, no nothing changes. On paper it all looks like a machine.

Spock's Beard

Anyway, letís not speculate. Ryo did his usual thing, playing his own show within the show, Dave never attracts attention (other than letting his bass sounding awesome) and Ted is a good artist but we cannot compare him to the likes of Neal. And all people at de Boerderij venue had a truly wonderful night, so thatís good. Half the set obviously consisted of songs of the new album The Oblivion Particle. The rest came from different earlier albums and all can definitely be called classics. Songs that everyone present knew by heart of course. I donít know if it was me, or me nagging, to notice even a classic as The Good Donít Last didnít came to full entertaining mode though. The Water being the encore luckily was an excellent choice, an extra thanks to the band for playing that! Take a look at the video below for an impression of Spockís Beard.

Setlist Spock's Beard
Tides of Time
On a Perfect Day
Hell's Not Enough
The Good Don't Last
A Better Way to Fly
To Be Free Again
Waiting for Me

The Water


A night with three varied bands, felt like a mini festival to me. Special Providence was appreciated, Synaesthesia / Kyros got the respect they deserve and Spockís Beard rocked as expected and on cruise control.

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De Boerderij


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