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The Tangent & Karmakanic

Friday, 30th May 2014
De Boerderij, Zoetmeer, the Netherlands

Article, Photo and Video By André de Boer

A very special progressive treat for us tonight here in Holland. Swedish based Karmakanic and The Tangent from the UK joined forces. Literally. Both bands played their songs apart but with musicians combined from both bands. So on stage we see this lovely lot: Andy Tillison (keys, keytar, vocals), Lalle Larsson (keys, backing vocals), Göran Edman (vocals), Jonas Reingold (bass). Added up with drums by Morgan Ågren (Kaipa) and lead guitar by Luke Machin (Maschine). Confused? Anyway, two sets await the Boerderij audience.




A soft and subdued start of Karmakanic’s song 1969 sets the mood for the night. The audience is fully logged in and listens as if in trance. No talking to be heard at all, even during the more quiet passages. The soft start is broken by Luke Machin cranking up his gear and leads the song to expand into its full glory as it should be. Can’t tell for others, but I had quite a few goose bumps during this long and lovely song several times.


The second song Where The Earth Meets the Sky, taken from their 2004 album Wheel of Life, plays some twenty lovely sensitive minutes. Just adorable. Their set ends with a new song that has no final name yet, working title God, The Universe and Everything Else No-One Really Cares About. A great new song that was played forever, maybe about half an hour, to enhance the trance effect that it seemed to radiate very well. The encore will have to wait for The Tangent set to finish.

Setlist Karmakanic
Where Earth Meets The Sky
God, The Universe and Everything Else No-One Really Cares About (new song, working title)

The Tangent

And now for The Tangent, led by Andy Tillison, that had two very successful albums out last year, Le Sacre du Travail and its partner L'Etagère du Travail. And when the first song Evening TV was mentioned from stage, you could see people got a big smile on their face immediately. And these smiles remained during the whole set. Second song Perdu dans Paris is introduced to us by Andy, telling the story how the change from sleeping on the streets to sleeping in a hotel in a few weeks time took place. A vast bit of Tangent-jazz got blown into our faces, which was ‘très agréable!’.

The Tangent

Third song GPS culture from A Place in the Queue starts with a unique rapid keyboard intro and Andy explained in a hilarious way how he got to write that tangible intro many, many years ago. The song itself is one gigantic musical adventure that couldn’t last long enough. The set closes with In Darkest Dreams, and if not awesome enough in itself, the song was enhanced with Tangerine Dream’s After Ricochet. Fantastic! Fabulous! What a treat!

The Tangent

Still, it was not enough yet. The Tangent did their encore by presenting a brand new song for a new album that won’t be out for a good few months (it got a grand applause so I’m sure this will be a great album). And Karmakanic did their encore the other way around by playing the well-known Turn It Up that everybody could sing along. A fruity recipe!

Setlist The Tangent
Evening TV
Perdu Dans Paris
In Darkest Dreams (including After Ricochet)

The Tangent: "A Spark In The Aether" (from the new album)
Karmakanic: "Turn It Up"


Such a fabulous night. A night with perfect mood and atmosphere due to all wonderful songs played fantastically by this bunch of lovely guys. To me this night felt like a privilege to witness, because it certainly was one of the best gigs of the year. Looking at all the smiling faces around me and everybody wanting to meet the bands it is safe to say that everyone left the venue with that same feeling.

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