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X-Panda, Knight Area,
A Liquid Landscape & Profuna Ocean

Saturday, 28th September 2013
De Pul, Uden, the Netherlands

Article, video and photos By André de Boer
Drawing by Anne-Catherine de Froidmont

Alerted by the name of A Liquid Landscape, a band I admire, and X-Panda to go with it, a band that I had heard many good things of, I went to the 2nd Progmotion festival at de Pul in Uden. With Profuna Ocean as a perfect extra (got tipped for this band from the UK!) and seeing the long long existing Knight Area live for the first time. Some serious adventures ahead!


You can relive or get a general impression of every band with supplied live impression videos.


Profuna Ocean

Okay, this Dutch quartet had won the Dutch Exposure contest. But strangely enough I was urged from the UK to go and see them play. And a good push it was! With a short (only 3 songs), but very impressive, set Profuna Ocean knocked the audience off our feet right away. And this was only the start of the festival. These young guys are so freaking talented that I hope they stay together for years and brings us a lot of albums and live shows. It seems Damian Wilson and Rick Wakeman were impressed. And now we know why.

Profuna Ocean

Setlist Profuna Ocean
Beautiful Sunrise
Waiting For The Fall

A Liquid Landscape

Been addicted to A Liquid Landscape a few years now, especially after seeing the band play live -virtually for me alone- and speaking to them in Alphen back in 2012. Nice guys, loaded with talents and keen on high quality. Today we see a band that has grown since then. The songs of the first album sound familiar and sensitive. And the new songs sound just amazing. Fragile and profound as ever and with the addition of a bit of perfect rawness. A bit more organic, less organised. I am enjoying this set a lot, as clearly does everyone in this pleasant venue. An album of A Liquid Landscape’s music is enchanting, seeing and hearing them live on stage feels like a hot bath. A breathtaking experience.

A Liquid Landscape

Setlist A Liquid Landscape
A Brief Moment Of Future
The Unreachable
The Largest Fire Known To man
Thieves of Time
Secret Isle

Knight Area

This was going to be a bit tough for me as I don’t really dig Knight Area’s music. Let’s see if my somewhat reserved but curious mood could be changed by the live set a bit. And it did, of course! Most of the audience were clearly hardcore Knight Area fans that sang along every song from the heart. And this also did help me to get in the mood quickly. And when the band really got going after the first few songs, this gig became a treat. Lovely what a live show can do to a man. Very enjoyable with lots of vibes coming from artistic front man Mark Smit. He’s the star, make no mistake about that. And all those screaming guitar solo’s by Mark Bogert (he will have his solo album 'A Story In Parts' out soon) are great, together with Gerben’s keys, Peter’s bass and Pieter’s drums Knight Area stands for Dutch prog upperclass.

Knight Area

Setlist Knight Area
Forever Now
This Day
Angels Call
Pride And Joy
Wake Run

Mortal Brow


Was a bit afraid that everybody would run away right after Knight Area. Luckily that was not the case. The majority made the right decision to stay and see this rather unknown band from Far Far Away that was headlining this festival. X-Panda is from Estonia and apologized from the stage that they were ‘a bit tired’ after travelling 2300 kilometres in 26 hours… An understatement? No! On the contrary! These guys demonstrated such power, liveliness, whit and joy as well as showing cool and alert that no one would have noticed! And what a show, what a headliner, what a fun. Everybody was thrilled about their music and performance. So much that all copies of the album Flight Of Fancy they brought with them got sold out!


Most of the songs they played are from their only album ‘Flight of Fancy’. And Big Bad Beginning was announced as a totally new track. On songs with lyrics bass player Tamar was replaced by Vladimir. This band was the revelation of this festival. Here’s a lovely drawing of X-Panda’s front man Risto Virkhausen by the talented Anne-Catherine de Froidmont!


Setlist X-Panda
Rhythm Department
Journey of a Dream
Big Bad Beginning (new)
Calm Waters
Crystal Gazing
Flight of Fancy



This wonderful, wonderful festival, that everyone present enjoyed very much, ended somewhat abruptly by the announcement of organiser Gert-Jan van Middelkoop that this was the best but also the last Progmotion festival. Progmotion ceases to exist. With pain in is heart and supported by his wife Gert-Jan said goodbye. A loss indeed but in their two years of existence Progmotion created and organised a great lot of things that we all enjoyed. Many thanks to all other members of Progmotion. And thanks for this great little festival.


De Pul


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