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Leprous & Blindead

Saturday, 7th November 2013
Doornroosje, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Article and Photos By André de Boer and Drawing By Anne-Catherine de Froidmont

Leprous has started running towards the progressive metal top from the moment they released their penultimate and recommended (10 out of 10) album Bilateral in 2011. Now they show up at Doornroosje for the 38th show in their 43 show world tour, including Japan, Russia and all over Europe! So the question was, will Leprous be tired and matte a bit?



Really love the odd song titles these Polish metallers from Blindead made up. Yes, metal with soft and hard edges. And songs called e5 or c7. Two very good vocalists, bass player Matteo Bassoli and frontman Patryk Zwolinski on stage. Keyboard player Bartosz Hervy looked dead from time to time, barely breathing. But in between he messed around with his electronic gear pushing series of awkward beeps and other strange sounds straight into the venue. Like screeching noises from a railway station.


To make this show even more eccentric, yet very intriguing and enjoyable, nobody on stage said one word to the audience. It would have helped to get some more attention though. Luckily after the show one of the band members said ‘yes’ to me when I asked him to check if their setlist was okay. He could have fooled me. Most important is that what we heard was a splendid set of songs that made a huge impression.

Setlist Blindead


Who was that guy with his impeccable office manager haircut entering the stage? We want Einar, with his long dreadlocks! No way, you are kidding, this is Einar, this is actually him! Quite a change. But with a decent black shirt and jacket, jumping, running and headbanging like we know him.

Anne-Catherine de Froidmont was kind enough to make this superb drawing of Mr. Einar Solberg!


What a performance, what a sound (albeit too loud), what a voice, what a show. Working hard on a small stage with little room between the band and the ceiling with lighting. Poor lighting too. Hot, very hot. But neither 38th show nor tropical temperatures kept Leprous encaged or quiet.


At the end of this thoroughly impressive and fantastic set Einar’s shirt was literally soaking wet including his sleeves almost dripping. The set included new and old songs with the most powerful ones Restless and Thorn, and the lovely -subtle written- Waste of Air as second encore.


Despite of the circumstances this was their most impressive show I have witnessed, the nicely filled up venue had a treat to remember. Leprous will be touring the UK and Ireland with Maschine and Haken in October and November. I sure hope this threefold show will be hitting the European mainland as well.

Setlist Leprous
The Valley
The Cloak
Dare You
Forced Entry
Acquired Taste
Contaminate Me

Waste of Air

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