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Steve Hackett

Sunday, 2nd November 2014
Manchester Lowry, the UK

Article by John Wenlock-Smith

This is the third and final leg of touring the UK in 18 months for Steve Hackett, This time cunningly entitled “Genesis Extended” as it really is due to sheer popular demand that these additional shows have been added. Which is somewhat Ironic after all the furore surrounding the reunion of the classic five man Genesis line up to promote the R-Kive CD and the Sum of all the parts Documentary / DVD / Blu Ray, In which it was clear that certain factors within the Genesis camp did not truly recognize Steve Hackett’s contributions fully nor his solo career thereafter. A matter which caused the normally reserved Steve Hackett to publically distance himself from the release.

Also readily apparent from that debacle was that Genesis as we recognize or hoped to recognize are almost certainly “over” and that there will not be a rekindling or revisitation of former glories all of which makes the ongoing success of Steve Hackett’s shows of classic Genesis material all the more crucial to embrace as this may be the last time we see these classics performed by someone who was there when they were crafted all those years ago.

Otherwise it’s one of the undoubtedly fine tribute bands that will carry the torch forward and whilst that has its place this is the real deal.

That Steve has managed to do this despite the embitterment of certain parties and his evident passion and enthusiasm for these songs makes these shows both a celebratory triumph and also a huge two fingers up to his critics and detractors. Not that they would notice as they will be too busy trying to count the money extracted from the fans that have supported their lavish lifestyles, country houses and usually dire solo albums along the way throughout the years.

This time around the shows are a little different, there were no slide show or backdrop and the set had been changed somewhat, yet despite that the show itself is another opportunity to revel in the glory of these pieces in the live arena and without the added visuals to really give the music the opportunity to completely steal the show.

The addition of Nick Beggs, who has been a regular in Steve’s band for a few years now adds a depth and presence that was not quite so evident last time around (Lee Pomeroy was excellent – Nick just adds something) in addition Nick fills the sound out even more, talking of which overall the sound was louder and more urgent than before which gives these pieces a different dimension at times.

To these ears on this show Steve’s playing is rawer more feral even than previous yet still retaining the ability to add those delicate tender touches to these songs when required, certainly on The Knife he blazes with almost fury and invective and sounds magnificent into the bargain. Never does Steve disappoint he is always spot on in what he plays.

In this set this time around out go unquiet slumbers / in that Quiet Earth / Afterglow and in come Squonk, Lillywhite Lillith and The Knife which give the set a different dynamic, in an evening of highlights the standouts for me were Dancing with the Moonlit Knight, The Musical Box, The Knife and of course Firth of Fifth and Supper ready but in reality all of it is simply fantastic and a delight to hear once again performed by such a consumate band of musicians.

However I do think that for Steve now perhaps it is time for him to step back from these pieces and to continue to carve his own trail once again, which is the plan for next year, after a final run of South American dates in early 2015. that will be it and this will become "Genesis Reshelved" Steve did comment that he doesn't want to be a curator in a museum of his own making.

The Genesis Revisited project has been a major triumph and deservedly so and I for one hold my hat to Steve and his most excellent band for both breathing new life into and for reprising these classic songs for one last curtain call.

An evening of exquisite music played by a band who over the past 15 months have gelled into a superlative unit making this music live and breathe again.

Once again an amazing evening was had by all, and with fabulous support from Josh and Olivia from Mostly Autumn on a short but highly enjoyable five song acoustic romp, A most enjoyable time was had by all.

Dance on a volcano
Dancing with the moonlight knight
Fly on a windshield
Broadway Melody of 1974
Return of the Giant Hogweed
The Fountain of Salmacis
The Musical Box
I know what I like
Firth of Fifth
Lillywhite Lillith
The Knife
Suppers Ready

Watcher of the skies
Los Endos

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