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Flying Colors (support John Wesley)

Thursday, 9th October 2014
013, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Article and photos By Menno von Brucken Fock

We all remember the last gig by the ‘super-group’ from the US, Flying Colors, because from their show in Tilburg the dvd had been filmed and recorded! Obviously things weren’t going according to plan because by the time it should have been ‘doors open’ both bands were trying hard to get a decent soundcheck. So it was way past 7.30 PM before the first VIP's were allowed to enter the building an d have a quick meet & greet with Flying Colors and a possibility to have items signed by the band.

Flying Colors

Just past 9 PM John Wesley and his band came on stage for their part in this evening of progressive rock, or should I say just rock? Not too much progressive elements in John Wesley’s music and as later would turn out: not too much progressive music from Flying Colors as well. Of course John Wesley grabbed the opportunity to play as support act for Flying Colors because it would mean practically each night playing for a sold out venue.

013 in Tilburg wasn’t fully sold out, at least not at around 8 PM, in spite of this gig being the only show in The Netherlands. Still a lot of people were coming in during and even after the appearance by supporting artist John Wesley. As usual a support act isn’t granted much space on stage and usually has to perform with dimmed lights and a very limited light-show. In this case things weren’t any different. Wesley, mostly known for his role as second guitarist with Porcupine Tree live and as lead guitarist for Sound Of Contact, tried hard to convince all people attending that his new album Disconnect would be a great choice to buy from the merchandise booth.

Flying Colors

Although I heard several people talking about the music in a very enthusiastic way, I couldn’t quite share their enthusiasm. Without keyboards it’s rather difficult to play what we usually believe to be ‘progressive music’. The compositions, mostly no more than five minutes length, in my should be classified as ‘rock’. However, this evening should perhaps not be considered to be a progressive rock concert but rather an alternative rock concert. As such Wesley gave his best, as well as his bandmates. Although rather static and no or very little interaction with their audience, drummer Mark Prator, Sean Malone of Cynic (bass & chapman stick) and guitarist Ian Medhurst were playing with skill. Wesley seemed very pleased with the feedback from the audience and after three quarters of an hour he said goodbye and wished everyone a great time with Flying Colors.

Flying Colors

After a break of around half an hour Steve Morse, Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Casey McPherson and Dave LaRue came on stage and opened their show with Open Up Your Eyes, followed by a great rendition of Bombs Away and the sing along song Kayla, a track from their debut album. Supporting their new album Second Nature, naturally a lot of songs were played from this album. To be more precise, from the nine songs on the regular edition only Lost Without You wasn’t performed. The atmosphere was truly great and as usual Portnoy turned out to be the main spokesman for the band. He stated that the band really loved to play in Tilburg again and that “Holland” always means a truthful and dedicated following. He also said he and his buddies had extremely good memories about that evening of their sold out show in 2013. Before the show we were already informed the lads had troubles with the tight schedule and indeed were looking a bit tired. Maybe due to a jet lag?

Flying Colors

Unfortunately for me I ended up right in front of Steve Morse but every time he stood in the spotlight, there were massive light from behind him as well, making it quite impossible to get a decent shot of the Deep Purple guitarist. Not good from a photographer’s point of view. Normally, where I was standing would have been a superb spot, standing right in the first row, but since Morse was mainly relying on the speakers right behind him, I didn’t hear much of the other members of the band, I only heard Morse’s guitar….

Flying Colors

After the show I heard other visitors, who were standing further in the back of the venue, say the sound quality had been excellent. It was just too crowded to roam around so I decided to stay put but I regret to say that on this evening I never got to hear the band properly.

Flying Colors

Portnoy explained how he accidentally stumbled upon Casey McPherson when he was fiddling around with -I believe he said- his cell phone, trying to find some decent music. He heard Casey’s voice, got goose bumps and he went looking for this voice. He found out how to make contact with Casey’s band Alpha Rev and the rest is history!

Flying Colors

Of course on this night too Casey got the opportunity to have a solo-spot featuring the Alpha Rev song Colder Months, sung beautifully. Obviously the extremely good atmosphere and raving rounds of applause by the crowd gave the band some renewed energy but still the whole show wasn’t as spectacular and most certainly not as frivolous as in 2013. After the encore Infinite Fire Portnoy stated they had no more stuff to play and although everyone shouted out loud for more, the band didn’t return for a second encore.

Flying Colors

Flying Colors are a bunch of great musicians and to see this kind of quality musicians performing live is always a pleasure and a privilege. In my humble opinion this show will not be remembered as well as their previous show and talking about the music I heard many people say the Second Nature album is ‘okay’, but certainly not outmatching the first one…. Time will tell whether the band is able to deliver an album worthy of their outstanding musicianship, or that they prove to be just a few guys trying to make an extra buck. Perhaps a little bit of bad luck for us at 013 that this show was the first gig of the European tour.


Open Up Your Eyes
Bombs Away
Shoulda Coulda Woulda
The Fury of My Love
A Place in Your World
Forever in a Daze
One Love Forever
Colder Months (Alpha Rev cover)
Peaceful Harbor
The Storm
Cosmic Symphony
Mask Machine

Infinite Fire

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