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Day Six & Odyssice

Sunday, 22nd September 2013
‘t Blok, Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, the Netherlands

Article, video and photos By André de Boer
and drawing by Anne-Catherine de Froidmont

A lazy Indian summer Sunday afternoon at a small but cosy venue that goes by the name of ‘t Blok, Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, Holland. Two bands are co-headlining on the poster today, Odyssice and Day Six. These bands might appear to be a contrast, let us see if that is the case. The cosiness of the venue by all means flourishes by the friendly staff and a rather unique selling point; the free snacks this venue hands out frequently! Both are very much appreciated.




I had heard some nice things on this long existing band Odyssice and their latest release Silence. So I was kind of curious about this being brought to us live on stage today.


Odyssice’s music is best defined as seasoned serene instrumental neo prog, in no way renewing, thus reliving the days of Camel and Pink Floyd. A matter of taste; outdated for one, a joy to the ear for others. But I must say I wasn’t a bit excited about their performance at all. It simply failed to sparkle. Maybe musically it was okay but, dear musicians, a live performance should bring something extra for the people that came out to see you. So something to see would have been nice to start with. And unfortunately there was absolutely nothing to see. Not a move, not a joke, no personality, no bonding between band members, not even a smile to the audience. In fact I’ve never seen such a dull performance. Towards the end of the set the lead guitar sometimes seemed to try to break through a little, though miraculously the lid got always pushed back on the bin again. I know, the poor static lighting of the venue doesn’t help much either. But please, please do yourself a favour and think of something refreshing for your next stage performance, otherwise listening to your work on headphones at home would be a wise choice.

Setlist Odyssice
Losing Her
Colours of Silence
And So Am I
Continental Motion
Chinese Waters
Final Decision
A Prophets Dream – Genuine

Day Six

And now for Day Six. Also a band that has been going on for years now. Both the changing of bass player a while ago and the changing of keyboard player and co-founder of the band Dolf van Heugten to Desmond Robberegt more recently resulted in some setback. No problems at all on bass anymore, those are perfectly fixed by Eric Smits. The new keyboard player Desmond is fitting in nicely too although at the end of the gig it was clear that there is still some work to be done. More about that later. Drummer Daan Liebregts is on duty as ever and driving force Robbie van Stiphout again is as explosive as he used to be and has to be!

Day Six

So, to make a long story short, we can conclude that Day Six is back. And I am very happy with that, as was the audience. Both the band members as the people watching seemed to enjoy it all very much. Check it out yourself by this live impression clip:

If you looked closely, you could see that the service of free snacks even applied to the musicians on stage. Hilarious! And it was a great show as well. I have never seen a singer / guitarist jumping around the way Robbie does. And the facial expressions he shows and changes in a split second are just phenomenal.

Day Six

At the end of the show, the crowd yelled out for more. Day Six of course wanted to comply but had a bit of a practical problem there. Like I said, keyboardist Desmond is rather new to the band; that new that they fitted the setlist to the few songs they had been able to practise together up until now. And this was it. Done, no more songs. Although the band has created a catalogue over the years, these songs just couldn’t be played now. The solution to that problem was as simple as it was brilliant. Play the first song, Massive Glacial Wall, again. A great choice by a great band and a great way to end a great set! Go and see this band if you have the chance.

Day Six

Setlist Day Six
Massive Glacial Wall
Castel Gandolfo
7th Sign, yet untitled, song..
Fergus Falls
Day VI
Age of Technology

Massive Glacial Wall

These bands turned out to be opposites, rather then contrast. The musical difference is not that important, the spectrum of progressive rock is very wide. My personal taste tends to true progressive, as in renewing, bands. So Day Six is the band for me. Referring to the stage performance I think anyone present must have felt Odyssice obviously was a support band.

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