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Comedy of Errors & Franck Carducci

Friday, 26th September 2014
Parktheater, Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands

Article, Photo and Video By André de Boer

Very saddened that last year’s Comedy of Errors gig in Holland got cancelled. So most of the people present had been waiting for another year to see Comedy of Errors live on stage. Serious Music Events was kind enough to arrange it and even asked Franck Carducci to join up at this beautiful theatre with red plush seats with lovely crew and atmosphere in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands.



Franck Carducci

Starting off with a swordfight, Franck Carducci and his band members fascinated everyone present with a fine set of rock songs and accompanying theatrical acts. This French band is delightful and captivating for every single second. After the opening song Achilles, Alice popped up. She even started to sing along with mad hatter Franck. The third song, Torn Apart, is a song for a new album that the band is working on. And back again for some songs from their Last Oddity album. This is all very nice and interesting play and performance but one album is not enough to fill a gig. So, unfortunately, Franck Carducci played some covers as encores. Enjoyable yes, but we could have done with some more Carducci material. So, we urge you Franck, come on with this new album soon please! He certainly will as he listens to the audience, also by singing a Joyeux Anniversaire for someone in the crowd that had his birthday.

Franck Carducci

A spectacular show, played with passion and fun, multiple guitars -with Mathieu Spaeter and Christophe Obadia playing each other’s guitars as a climax-, lots of things happening on stage, jokes, winks, changing drummer for one song and never a dull moment. It was a blast. Well done, Franck and company.

Setlist Franck Carducci
Alice's Eerie Dream
Torn Apart
Closer to Irreversible
Artificial Paradises
The Last Oddity
Supper's Ready (As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs (Aching Men's Feet), Genesis cover)

School (Supertramp cover)

Comedy of Errors

With Comedy of Errors, hailing from Scotland for this show only, it’s back to some superb neoprog. Bringing us a fine mixture of songs from both new era albums Fanfare and Fantasy and Disobey. And exactly that was what the audience was waiting for. So much to enjoy here, of course Joe Cairney’s fine voice and also the smooth performance of all the band members. It is especially necessary to mention Sam McCulloch on lead guitar here. He told me that he has been with the band for only half a year now. And that he had been playing a big (brass) band and weddings before joining Comedy of Errors! And now playing these fine solo’s on stage, really amazing.

Comedy of Errors

Joe Cairney remembered us about the show they did in Amsterdam, ages ago, where Jerry van Kooten was present at the time. And being present tonight as well, Joe climbed off stage to give Jerry an unexpected man hug. Joe also made his way through the audience to sing in the middle of the venue.

Closing their great set with Time There Was Comedy of Errors, the applause told the story of a fantastic gig. It had been a long wait, but it has been well worth the waiting. Comedy of errors is currently working on a new album Spirit. We will all wait patiently for them to return…

Setlist Comedy of Errors
The Cause
Something She Said
Going For A Song
In A Lifetime
Fanfare For The Broken Hearted
Student Prince Part 1
Student Prince Part 2
Student Prince Part 3
The Answer

Time There Was


A wonderful venue and a great staff organised this lovely night and welcomed us with warmth. Both bands were highly appreciated for their respectable shows so this was, yes really, a night to remember.

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