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Saturday, 13th April, 2013
Klub Studio, Krakow, Poland

Article and Photos By Juan C. Araneda and Rosa Munoz

After Riverside released their superb brand new album Shrine of New Generation Slaves, at the beginning of 2013, Rosa and I decided to arrange our vacations schedule in order to see the band playing live somewhere around Europe. Finally the choice was Krakow in Poland on April 13th. We had visited briefly that lovely Polish city in May 2006, after attending a ProgRock Festival, in Warsaw, with Pendragon as headliner (concert review). Curiously at that occasion Riverside was in the bill too but they did not arrive from a gig in Barcelona. Fortunately we could see Riverside playing live at Night of the Prog Festival 2011 in Loreley, Germany, but the set was not so long because all the bands in the bill.


We started our musical trip flying from Santiago de Chile to Paris on Wednesday April 10th, and connecting immediately to arrive in Warsaw on Thursday 11th. We enjoyed a nice dinner with lovely Okocim beer and a good rest after such long trip. So on Friday 12th we took a train to Krakow from Warszawa Centralna. We had bought the tickets on the Internet from Ticketpro and they were waiting for us at the hotel. Sincerely thanks to Ms. Agata at Ticketpro and Ms. Agnieszka at the Holiday Inn Krakow for kindly coordinate our tickets delivery.


At the evening, after completing a visit to the magnificent Wawel Castle during the day, we took a taxi to get the venue Klub Studio, located in the university area. First stop was the Riverside merchandise area to buy two t-shirts and Shrine vinyl and CD. When doors were open we could take a very good location seated on a platform located at the back and waited patiently for the band to start. There was a local rock band that played an opening act for around 40 minutes but it looks that everybody in the audience was eagerly waiting for the main act.


The sounds of Night Session I on the air were the perfect prelude for a great night, because it permitted Riverside musicians to take the stage under a big ovation. The first bits of New Generation Slave resounded in the hall to crisp hairs. The sound mix and the PA volume were outstanding, absolutely crystal clear. The song was immediately linked to The Depth of Self-Delusion as in the new album. Mariusz Duda vocals and bass playing were fantastic, as all over the concert. He is a superb frontman, adding a touch of mystery and strange obscurity to the different musical passages. The band followed with the energetic track Feel Like Falling, from the new album too, with great sections by Piotr Grudzinski in electric guitar. What an excellent guitarist he is!


Then Mariusz talked to the audience in Polish and Michal Lapaj on keyboards played some bits of a Deep Purple track as intro for Driven to Destruction, from the previous album Anno Domini High Definition. Behind the drums kit Piotr Kozieradzki is remarkable, adding a powerful and precise rhythm with simplicity and style. Afterwards they played a great and complex piece from Memories in My Head mini-album, the track Living in the Past. After the audience big ovation, Piotr Grudzinski’s guitar introduced the final section of O2 Panic Room, perfectly accompanied by Michal piano and Mariusz vocals, and linked to the wonderful We Got Used to Us. Actually we think we were not the only couple that was fully moved after such rendition. We love that song and we dreamed about the moment we were listening to it live. A moment that we’ll never forget thanks to Riverside musicians!


Powerful and metal prog music came with Egoist Hedonist and afterwards the band continued with the main section of O2 Panic Room. Then Riverside played superbly Escalator Shine, another favourite track from the new album, transporting everybody in the audience thru a long and spectacular musical voyage.


The band returned to the stage to play the atmospheric and powerful song Left Out as the first encore. Another return to the stage to continue with the beautiful track Conceiving You, with Michal outstanding piano playing, and closing the set with the last album track Celebrity Touch. Everybody in the audience looked more than happy after enjoying such a fantastic concert, including us, who were having a great smile.

Riverside is a band that deserves much attention and a great success by the quality of their compositions and the talented musicians behind. If you haven’t seen Riverside live, please go to the next concerts to come in 2013. We cannot wait for a live album or DVD from “New Generation Tour”!

New Generation Slave
The Depth of Self-Delusion
Feel Like Falling
Driven to Destruction
Living in the Past
O2 Panic Room (final section)/ We Got Used to Us
Egoist Hedonist
O2 Panic Room (main section)
Escalator Shine

Left Out

Conceiving You
Celebrity Touch


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