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Marillion & Jacob Moon

Saturday, 16th November 2013
Markant, Uden, the Netherlands

Article, video and photos By André de Boer

Tonight is the night of Marillion’s second performance in Holland as a part of their Sounds Live Tour. The final show to be precise. This means a crowd has gathered with high expectations and a sold out venue. The small town of Uden has a new theatre and this hall is being used for a live concert for the very first time. A beautiful building, the venue holds 685 people and even has a balcony. And they have some junk food as well at the end of the show! Unfortunately, although I had a press photo pass, the venue didn’t have any facilities for the press to take pictures from a separated area in front of the stage. Hope they will fix that in the near future.

And I’d like to introduce a new element to the reviews. This is the first review that has a real piece of art to go with it, thanks to the lovely Anne-Catherine de Froidmont who was kind enough to make a charcoal drawing of Mr. H. for all of us. Thank you very very much for your co-operation!


Jacob Moon

Support band of the night was Canadian singer-songwriter Jacob Moon, entering the brand new and big stage on his own. Declaring himself the first ever artist to play for an audience in this brand new theatre. And that’s the truth. Jacob does some song writing although most of his songs are covers slightly transformed into his own style. While being teased with some annoying noise because of some faulty sound system module every now and then, Jacob did very well. It’s not easy for a loner on such a big stage with a venue full of people waiting for their idols. He had solved that part of the problem in a keen way by stating that the first ever album he bought was a Marillion album.

Jacob Moon

Moon accompanied himself on acoustic or electric guitar while a tape with other instruments was running. I enjoyed his liveliness and think most of the audience agreed on that after the first three songs. The Rush cover in the end made everyone smile.

Setlist Jacob Moon
Come Talk To Me (Peter Gabriel cover)
Live A Little
The Great Beyond
Bend And Break (Keane cover)
Subdivisions (Rush cover)


I don’t think there were many people present that are not a true Marillion fan. Holland has a strong link with the band for many years now and it shows. Almost everyone sings along with the songs, hard core fans have taken position in front of the stage. Let the show begin, the sound system should be heavily tested. And Steve Rothery, Mark Kelly, Pete Trewavas, Ian Mosley and Steve Hogarth made it happen on an outstanding performance ending this tour. Of course Steve Hogarth is a brilliant charismatic singer but he also is a fine actor and watching all his moves and facial expressions is a sheer joy.


Like I said, happy faces all over the place. Together with some witty remarks by Mr. H. this was an awesome show. Great craftsmanship together with lots of energy and a show to put everyone on fire. Check it out yourself with this live in Uden impression clip:

Thanks to Anne-Catherine for this drawing that so accurately shows one of Hogarth’ many ‘naughty’ facial expression.


Although the number of encores -probably to celebrate the Dutch loyalty and the last show of this tour- was a bit over the top, this was one of the best shows I’ve seen this year; very emotional. The venue had its christening. And it was a memorable one. If you like to relive this night, you can download the complete set of songs recorded at this gig at the Marillion website.


Setlist Marillion
The Invisible Man
Sounds That Can't Be Made
Somewhere Else
This Strange Engine



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Market Square Heroes

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