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Kingcrow & Spheric Universe Experience

Saturday, 31st August 2013
De Pul, Uden, the Netherlands

Article, video and photos By André de Boer

After two very successful new edge albums Phlegeton and In Crescendo, playing both ProgPower Europe and ProgPower USA, touring USA and Canada, it was time for Kingcrow to headline a European tour. The tour started in Switzerland, going to Holland, to Germany, France, Spain and back to France again. As we see a double-headliner show tonight, called ‘Uniting the Powers of Metal’, Kingcrow brings along the French progressive metallers Spheric Universe Experience. Spheric Universe Experience is also renowned for a ProgPower USA share. Today at de Pul venue, Uden Holland, we Dutch are the lucky ones to have the chance to witness. Okay, not Dutch people only as people were flying in from the UK as well to see this.


Spheric Universe Experience

I must say this French band was totally new to me, although they supported Threshold in 2009. So, open minded as ever, I was curious what would happen. And something did happen. With lots of action on stage to keep you awake, both musically as visually. This band is a good choice to travel together with. Bringing us not too complex progressive metal, with some serious and outstanding riffs and vocals, in a very enthusiastic way. Charismatic, aware of the audience and presenting a good set.

Spheric Universe Experience

If there is one thing that struck me, it was the singer’s voice. Crystal clear and full of power at all times. Franck Garcia possesses a fine innate instrument. Maybe a little professional polishing could make his voice a more distinctive and real high end one. Just a thought. I remember Franck saying ‘Dank U’ to the audience several times and kept smiling about that. He explained what that expression would mean in French; got something to do with some finger…

Spheric Universe Experience

A bit too straight for my taste and for some others, while many told me they enjoyed Spheric Universe Experience very much for being like that. Luckily everyone has his own taste. Still, a great stage performance and a fine band to keep an eye on in the future for sure.

Setlist Spheric Universe Experience
Shut Up
The New Eve
Being / Inner Quest
Now Or Never
Down Memory Lane
World Of Madness
Lakeside Park
The Day I Died
In This Place
Heal My Pain


For what I heard, most people came to see Kingcrow. Even flying in from the UK. This is obvious because of their successful appearance at ProgPower 2011 and the successful albums Phlegeton and In Crescendo. And this sextet from Rome amused, astounded and amazed with a perfectly balanced long mix of songs from both albums. For this European tour their guitarist Ivan Nastasi was replaced by Michele Capraro. And Michele did a very good job. By the way, Ivan will re-join the band after the tour. Co-founder and composer Diego Cafolla is the other guitarist and, even more than the other band members, he seemed to be really impassioned playing this stage. To give you an impression of what Kingcrow had to offer you may like to watch this compilation video:

Smiling faces all over the place. This band, with Thundra Cafolla on drums, Christian Della Polla on keys, Francesco D’Errico on bass and vocals by Diego Marchesi, knows how to play and present their unique sound to the audience. With an extra right after the extra. Kingcrow decided to play Fading Out Pt. III twice because of Diego suffering a broken guitar string the first time. It was no punishment to hear that song twice, I can tell you. This was one of the best live shows of the year.



Setlist Kingcrow
The Drowning Line
Right Before
Washing Out Memories
This Ain't Another Lovesong
TimeShift Box
Fading Out Pt III
In Crescendo
Morning Rain

Morning Rain (reprise)


Although presented as a double-headliner tour and although Spheric Universe Experience presented a good show, it was clear to all that Kingcrow was what everybody was here for. And supported that thought with a really, really terrific live performance. Even better than the excellent one I remember from ProgPower 2011. If Kingcrow visits your neighbourhood, I recommend seeing them to experience an ultimate progressive metal live show like the one described here.

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