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Saturday, 27th April, 2013
Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany

Article and Photos By Juan C. Araneda and Rosa Munoz

It was great to see IQ once more, this time playing in a new place for us, but a well-known place for the band. As part of our Euro-vacations we arranged the schedule in order to attend this gig after buying the tickets using the link at IQ web page to the venue site. We arrived to Aschaffenburg after midday coming from Köln and stayed at the very comfortable and familiar Zum Goldenen Ochsen Hotel. It was a light rain and cold day, so we took a taxi to get the Colos-Saal just in time doors were opened.


The venue was rapidly getting packed and we had to stay on a side in order to try to see the band at the stage. Precisely at 9pm lights faded to initiate the traditional opening mix and IQ musicians took their positions on the stage and launching a promising new song that sounded perfect for the opening of a brand new album.


We can assure that it really sounds great because while writing this article we are revising a section we recorded in our picture camera, because Peter Nicholls asked everybody in the audience please do not post any new track on YouTube until they are finally released, hopefully in 2014. Peter looked very smart wearing a posh black suit, black shirt and a nice red tie. Then the band continued with the powerful Wurensh, from Menel era. Sound was improving because the instruments mix was not so good in the beginning.


Then the band played a continue set of tracks from Frequency, including Stronger Than Friction, One Fatal Mistake and Ryker Skies. Peter Nicholls vocals were on top form all over the concert, while Mike Holmes performance in guitar was superb; Tim Esau on bass was solid as always, Neil Durant on keyboards is everyday more tuned to IQ sound and Paul Cook drumming is simply exceptional.


Another new song was played after, preliminary entitled “1312”, and immediately linked to the classic It All Stops Here. Sense of humour was always present in Peter’s communication with the German audience. For instance, he told that by members age the set list had to be restructured to permit them have toilet breaks!


IQ followed playing Erosion, from The Seventh House album, and then another new track that Cookie entitled “El Bastardo”. More classic tracks continued with Leap of Faith and a great performance of The Seventh House. The main set closed with the classic live act The Enemy Smacks, as emotional and deep as usual. As encores, the band chose No Love Lost and Frequency that finally closed a great concert.


IQ is a band that improves with age, now 30 years, always plenty of wonderful songs from its outstanding musical creation. IQ’ sixth musician Mr. Rob Aubrey deserves a good credit for the perfect sound and creative mixes that scales IQ music to high scores.

Newie 1
Stronger Than Friction/ One Fatal Mistake
Ryker Skies
Newie 2/ It All Stops Here
Newie 3
Leap of Faith
The Seventh House
The Enemy Smacks

No Love Lost



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