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Haken & Soul Secret

Wednesday, 4th September 2013
De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, the Netherlands

Article, video and photos By André de Boer

Looking forward to my fifth encounter with London based progressive metal act Haken. And to a first acquaintance with Italians Soul Secret, being the support act. And this would take place at the beautiful de Boerderij venue with great stage, lights and sound. My only concern was that a midweek concert might have its effect on the number of visitors. The show started however with an estimated one hundred and fifty people, growing to a two hundred plus when Haken appeared on stage. Not bad at all. Now for the show.


Soul Secret

A new band to me, knowing they are around for quite some years and having played many successful gigs. Their album Flowing Portraits even got a DPRP recommended status. And that showed. There was nothing wrong with either their stage appearance or their songs, Soul Secret did a fantastic job.

Soul Secret

And enough people in the audience seemed to be familiar with the band and their songs. A short set of songs, yes. But certainly enough to convince me and others of the quality of these enthusiastic and sympathetic Italian guys playing really fantastic progmetal.

Soul Secret

Everyone present was clearly focussed on what was going on on stage. Soul Secret has made a fine impression and I am looking forward to the next chance to see them play live.

Setlist Soul Secret
Tears of Kalliroe
River's Edge
Learning to Lose


Haken started off on a tour to promote their brand new album The Mountain. An album I was lucky enough to check out in the last two weeks before the concert. And concluded that I agreed on the fantastic album reviews of my colleagues on this very website. A piece of art, the best album Haken has produced up until now. And the previous albums were true gems already... But this is not an album review, so what I was very curious about, is whether Haken could make my wish come true. Could it really be possible that a brand new and highly complex album, with songs like Cockroach King, be played live? I knew this song, my favourite track of the album, would be on the setlist. So how would they manage to do that?


Well, they just did. Without a blink of an eye. All this amazing and crazy use of instruments, vocals, beeps, twitches and rhythm changes brought to us at ease. Really astounding. I have said this before, this band is extremely good and even better on stage. Check it out yourself with this live Zoetermeer impression clip:

Ross really had a phenomenal voice tonight. Light and heavy. Again. I guess this will be the last time I will have to say that. We’ll check October 5th. I thought it was a sad thing that Diego, who plays such an important role being the wizard of keys, was totally tucked away. Surrounded by his set of keyboard, curtains and laptop he was nearly visible to the crowd. A position turned halfway to the people would be appreciated so that we can see and enjoy what he does so very well. Richard was at ease, changing from guitar to keyboard every now and then.


A special note on the amazing Thom MacLean playing his 6 string bass at the centre of the stage and on Charles and Raymond for the vibes and thrills they pushed into us spectators. This was a hell of a show, one of the best of 2013 so far.


Setlist Haken
Intro The Path Unbeaten
Atlas Stone
Eternal Rain
Cockroach King
The Mind's Eye
In Memoriam
As Death Embraces
Drowning in the Flood

Celestial Elixir


Two bands, each one brilliant in their own way. Everyone went crazy on the Haken set. Although they have reached the progressive top, it is a good thing to see that they still take pictures from the audience at the end and freely mingle for a chat, an autograph and some pictures. That’s the way to do it.

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De Boerderij


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