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The Aurora Project

Friday, 8th February 2013
Tripodia, Katwijk, the Netherlands

Article By Edwin Roosjen

The Aurora Project is a Dutch progressive metal band and on the 8th of February they presented their new album Selling The Aggression in their hometown Katwijk. Vocalist Dennis Binnekade invited me to the release party so I was off to Katwijk for an evening of Dutch progressive metal. The venue was unknown to me and it did not look at all like a concert venue, more like a local theatre with a nice canteen. There were tables in the theatre and some chairs, a strange ambiance for a metal show.

The hall and the stage were pretty large. There was a projection screen and they showed pictures and played some videos to support the music. It all looked very profesionally, not what I expected it all when I entered the hall via a shopping mall and told my name at a small desk that was probably manned by friends or family from the band.



The evening started with support act Carthago. A female fronted metal band with music in the likes of Delain and Stream Of Passion, gothic progressive metal. Bassplayer Arris Ouwehand and guitar player Rob Ouwehand, no family relation, started in 1994 with Carthago. Some line-up changes in 1997 turned the band into a female fronted metal band with two vocalists. They won some prizes and were support act for bands like Fates Warnings and Vicious Rumors. In 2005 they recorded their third demo and after that the information on their website stops. During their performance in Katwijk they told a few times it was a long time ago so there probably was a hiatus for the band.


The performance was very solid, bassplayer Arris Ouwehand and guitar player Rob Ouwehand showed they had some good technical skills. The female vocals were also good so this was a highly enjoyable support group. When entering a hall like this via a shopping mall and hearing a local band was the support group I did not expect to see a good band but I was pretty surprised. The songs did not really rock my world but the band had a pretty good sound. During the final part of the show the volume increased and that did not do good for the sound, it started out very good but at the end the sound was louder but not better. They projected some nice videos but next it would be better to place the mouse pointer outside the screen. As a closing song they choose Skyfall from Adele, the title track from the latest James Bond movie. Very nice performance from this gothic metal band.


The Aurora Project

Carthago The Aurora Project celebrated the release of their new album Selling The Aggression. They played in their hometown and they started off with two old songs from their previous albums. It is widely accepted as normal to start with the first song from the latest album, especially on a release party, but The Aurora Project thought differently. Not really a bad decision, get the atmosphere going with some old tracks and then start with the new ones.

Event Horizon from debut album Unspoken Words and from their second album Shadow Border kicked of the concert. When the crowd was warmed up they started with the new album. Selling The Aggression was played back to front with a break somewhere in the middle. The style of music did not change from their previous album but the overall level is a lot better.

The topic and the sleeve of the new album, just as the images/videos shown on stage, deal with war and TV. George Bush was seen a couple of times and the falling of the WTC twin towers also passed by a couple of times. The overall problem that is pointed out on the album is at current times still an issue but the album deals with a lot of old topics. I got the feeling this album is released about ten years too late.

The Aurora Project

To me the lyrics are not the strongest part of The Aurora Project, their music is. Their progressive metal is very powerful and their performance was almost spotless. Many transitions and complex rhythms and they played it with ease. Guitar player Remco van den Berg and vocalist Dennis Binnekade are the two front men of the band. They introduce the songs and tie the whole thing together. They have got an enthusiastic appearance and they played the audience perfectly. Playing in your hometown is always easier than somewhere else but you still got to do it.

The Aurora Project

The Aurora Project delivered more than just playing the new album and then grabbing a beer with family and friends. The stage was well decorated and during one song a desk was put on the stage behind which Dennis Binnekade sang a speech supposedly made as American president. The desk was put the other way around so I thought he was going to be a conductor for the rest of the band. But he did face the crowd on the wrong side of the desk, later I heard there were too many stickers on the other side which they did not like. It was fun to hear the Hava Nagila tune but with different lyrics nicely integrated in Speeding Up Of Time. The new album does not have one song that really sticks out, it is of the same high level from start to finish. Maybe perhaps the song Turning Of The Tide stood out for me but I have a feeling some other song will be my favourite next time I hear the album. They ended the concert with some old songs and celebrated the official release with a nice glass of champagne. Well deserved if I may say so!

The Aurora Project

When I entered the venue I was not expecting that much but The Aurora Project made a very professional appearance. A great progressive metal show, they can match up with a lot of international bands in the progressive metal genre. Almost 300 people attended this release party to celebrate the new album. The Aurora Project showed they are one of the leading progressive metal bands in the Netherlands. Go see them!

Event Horizon
The Confession
Dualistic Consciousness
Turning Of The Tide
Selling The Aggression
The Oil Supremacy

The Sense Of Reality
Speeding Up Of Time
Photonic Reunion

The Untold Prophecy
Shadow Border

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