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Pineapple Thief & InMe

Sunday, 2nd December 2012
De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, the Netherlands

Article and photos By André de Boer

This night a co-headliner show was announced with two British bands, The Pineapple Thief and InMe. Co-headliners, I wondered? I am more than familiar with The Pineapple Thief but never got across InMe. Have I been sleeping for too long or what? On entering the venue the tour manager told me InMe was on first and on entering the hall the miserable low number of visitors relieved me of my feeling of uncertainty. InMe indeed was quite an unknown band, at least in this area. So, I thought, please surprise me.


This Essex based band didn’t surprise me however. And the band obviously and fortunately were very aware of being rather unknown here. With modesty and a great sense of humour, singer Dave McPherson half way the show asked the audience if they knew a certain InMe album. And bluntly told us that he was very happy two men were answering positively.


InMe’s style of straight and repetitive heavy rock music with only simple melody lines could not please me. And given the fact there was nothing happening in the audience, I must conclude that the hundred people present did not come all the way to see this band. The fact that InMe has been around for over fifteen years now and has just released their fifth studio album The Pride, proved that there was a little mismatch with the audience.

Or properly said, there was maybe something wrong with the co-headlining principle here. Not nice for the people listening but maybe even more for the band in question. What I did like about InMe is that they didn’t seem to be bothered by this futility at all and played song after song with much joy and love for their music. Brought to us enthusiastically. And quite well too, maybe except for the somewhat rigid drummer. This way I did keep myself logged into what was happening on stage and enjoyed that aspect.

Setlist InMe
Moonlit Seabed
Myths & Photographs
Single of the Weak
Silver Womb
So you know
Saccharine Arcadia
Safe in a room
Halcyon Genesis
Here's Hoping
Beautiful Sky Gardens
Master Storm
Reverie Shores
Faster the Chase

The Pineapple Thief

This was the show everyone was waiting for. Some new people entered the hall together with all that hid in the bar up until now. This made the audience grow to an estimated 250. And man, they got what they came for. A perfect mix of songs taken from The Pineapple Thief’s last album All The Wars, from the previous one Someone Here Is Missing and three tracks from a few older albums.

The Pineapple Thief

A real treat with four musicians so talented and on top of the set. Apparently without any strain The Pineapple Thief struck the crowd with an overwhelming performance. I’d like to grant some extra kudos to the superb percussion by Keith Harrison. Not to mention John Sykes’ durable bass line and keys by the almost invisible Steve Kitch. Add the lovely voice of Bruce Soord to this and we reached a The Pineapple Thief styled progressive heaven. And by the way, do yourself a pleasure and read Roger Trenwith’ recent interview with Bruce Soord.

The Pineapple Thief

The set started with the title track of the All the Wars album serving as a nice short intro. Followed by Wake Up The Dead as the real killer opener and Last Man Standing being a more slow tempo song. And on to the fabulous 3000 Days and more and more. A nice surprise as InMe’s Dave McPherson helped out to enhance the wall of sound on Build a World.

This gig being the final one of this little tour got two encores with beautiful songs from their back catalogue. And, for the same reason, the band decided to run for the bar right after. To be short, this was definitely one of the best and most impressive gigs I have seen this year!

Setlist The Pineapple Thief
All the Wars
Wake Up the Dead
Last Man Standing
3000 Days
Burning Pieces
Show a Little Love
Warm Seas
Give It Back
Build a World
Someone Here is Missing
Reaching Out
Nothing At Best

Part Zero
I Will Light Up Your Eyes


The Pineapple Thief was the one and only headliner tonight. If you had to unfortunately miss this gig, according to Bruce The Pineapple Thief wants to be back for touring Holland in April next year. I sure hope they will and get this and other venues filled to the top.

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