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Friday, 15th September 2012
Metal Front Coevorden, Coevorden, the Netherlands

Article and photos By Gert Hulshof

Saturday September 15th I was present at the concert of 2 Dutch progressive bands, in a very small venue in the North eastern part of the Netherlands. Metal Front Coevorden is the home of Metal Front Coevorden, tonight they host this concert.


Some 30 to 40 people are present when I arrive in Coevorden a little late; I therefore did not see the whole set of Incidense. Incidense is a relative new player in the progmetal scene, playing complex technical progmetal. Sometimes close to Dream Theater, then again closer to the more straight forward metal.


Although only a handful of people are there to enjoy this late saturdayevening concert, Incidense began playing their set at 21:30h. The atmosphere was very good and the band played very well, Now and again the sound was not that good. Sometimes even plain bad, especially the bass sometimes was louder than the speakers were able to handle. All in all the performance was great. Play was not that easy at the tiny stage but Francois Koopmans (guitar), Lucas Kruiswijk (keys, vocals), Rob Van Nieuwenhuijzen (drums) and Rich Huybens (bass) gave the audience what they came for an enjoyable set of Heavy progressive metal. Nearly playing all of the songs on their album Incarcerated and giving a sneak peak at a new song Enjoying Life.

Setlist Incidense
Silence must break
Ultimate Sin
Remnants of the Past
Enjoying Life (new)

Its already 23:00h when our main course for tonight take the stage and begin playing, kicking off with the title track of their youngest release Silhoutte take the stage with Across the Rubicon, immediately followed by the second track of the album Breathe. By the looks of the band the sound is not how they want it to be especially on stage. In the tiny venue in front of the stage all is very acceptable not too loud.


The moods and sound of the various songs come across quite nice. I had never seen Silhouette play live or Incidense for that matter. Seeing a band of the allure of Silhouette play in a small venue as Metal Front Coevorden makes you wonder is progressive music popular, no.


Music like Silhouette play deserves wide attention. As tiny a stage it was the playing kept growing during the performance Brian, Erik and Jos taking turns doing the lead vocals. Switching back and forth between songs out of Moods and Across the Rubicon. Jos standing behind his drum kit during the performance of the song Anybody is spectacularly, theatrical, singing the lyrics “can anybody hear me” making grand gestures underlining his words. It is magnificent seeing this type of performance even if there are just 40 people watching you. Silhouette probably is one of a few neo progressive rock bands, performing with 3 band members able to do the lead vocals giving the songs they sing a special place.


A special remark needs to be made about two Silhouette fans driving from within Germany to this tiny venue in Holland just to see Silhouette play live. They have been treated to a splendid performance; sure we can make remarks here and there but as I believe this was the first concert where they played songs from their new album it was pretty good.


After 1,5 hours of seriously good music, there were even cheers “we want more” and so we did get the encore as an encore. Although I believe they would have played When Snow’s Falling Down anyway even if the cheers would not have been there. Way past midnight the show ended, a great progressive night with two great but different progressive rock acts. I have had a great time.

Setlist Silhouette
Across The Rubicon
Far Away
Second Time Down
Empty Places
Don’t Stop This Movie
The Answers
Unreal Meeting

When Snow’s Falling Down

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