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Thursday, 10th May 2012
Club Riga, Westcliff-on-Sea, The UK

Article and photos by Juan C. Araneda and Rosa Munoz

It was great to see Landmarq playing live a set of brand new songs released in the superb new album Entertaining Angels (2012). This gig was a must for Landmarq fans like us, especially when the band was going to play the new set of songs including new arrangements. Coincidently, six years ago, in May 2006 at the same venue, we had attended to the last gig where the band played some of their new songs released at that time in their DVD Turbulence (live in Poland, November 2005).


The venue Club Riga is a small hall located besides The Cricketers Pub in Westcliff-on-Sea, one hour far from East London, at the north bank of the Thames Estuary. Nevertheless the venue is easy to get by train or by car the audience were not more than 60 people. We were a few but loyal fans and friends of the band, who enjoyed a brilliant live performance.


Landmarq Landmarq musicians went up to the stage to start up with Mountains of Anglia, under the ryhtmic guitar of Uwe D’rose seconded by Mike Varty on keyboards and Steve Gee on bass, plus the solid drumming of Dave Wagstaffe and the superb vocals of Tracy Hitchings. It was a great track to begin with. Then, the band went on with the brand new track Turbulence, with a great instrumental opening section, leaded by Tracy’s evolving vocals and Mike’s swirling keys, making everyone in the audience close to her. A personal moment followed when Tracy began singing Personal Universe, a very touching and powerful new song. Uwe’s outstanding electric guitar playing concluded the track in a perfect way. Another touchy moment followed with Glowing, a superb two-part song that shines from the beginning to the end.

The next song was Prayer with Tracy singing initially accompanied by Mike’s piano and then followed by the rest of the band to perform another beautiful song. Afterwards Mike performed a great solo keyboards intro, now called Stormbrewing, followed by Thunderstruck, with Uwe accompanying on guitar through the spirals passages of this excellent song, leaded by Tracy’s powerful and delicate vocals. Next song was Calm before the Storm, whose introduction was certainly taken from one of the band classic tracks and permit Tracy to spread her talented voice along the first and second parts of the song. On the third part, Mike and Uwe took the musical lead at the instrumental powerful closure. After a big ovation from the audience, the band returned to the stage to conclude with Entertaining Angels, initiated by great Uwe’s electric guitar and played brilliantly by the band.


The only low point was the sound too loud for a small venue like that. You can feel like a chicken in the microwave, surrounded by PA waves. Fortunately after attending to many gigs we were prepared with ears filters, so we could listen to the voice and music quite well.


Landmarq is a band of highly talented musicians, enjoying what they do and reflecting that feeling on their performance. If you still haven’t bought the new Entertaining Angels (Special Edition) album, please buy it, you’ll be surprised by the beauty and deep feelings coming from those wonderful songs.

Mountains of Anglia
Personal Universe
i. Friends
ii. Lovers
Prayer (Coming Home)
Calm before the Storm:
i. Strange But Beautiful
ii. Spiderman
iii. From The Abyss

Entertaining Angels


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