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The Intersphere & A Liquid Landscape

Friday, 18th May 2012
Het Kasteel, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands

Article and Photos By André de Boer

Not a common name in the world of progressive rock, this venue Het Kasteel in Alphen aan den Rijn. But this is the place where one could see and hear The Intersphere from Germany and A Liquid Landscape from Holland together. Two different bands in style. Yet similar in many ways. More about that later. This approximately 400 people venue Het Kasteel has a lot to offer. Ample parking space, a great modern building, friendly people attending, a spacious stage, reasonable lighting and, most important, fairly good sound. A perfect setting to enjoy a prog or prog-related night and a to have a little chat with both bands in the meantime as well.


A Liquid Landscape

This relatively new band comes from Groningen in The Netherlands and has recently released their first full length album Nightingale Express. Their stage appearance impressed me right away because of its high quality. All the things made for us, played for us and brought to us were focussed on perfection and accuracy. The way that the songs are constructed, the way these guys play, the way the band brought along their own sound and multimedia artists and more. Quality is in their veins since they took two years to improve and polish their set of songs before finally releasing the album. The result of this zealous polishing is clearly there and with shining indisputability. Quality is this bands quest, nickname and journey, both in music as in combining this with the support of beautiful imaging.

A Liquid Landscape

Despite of their short existence, A Liquid Landscape already managed to support respectful bands like Karnivool, Riverside, Anathema and Nosound. And on top of that A Liquid Landscape will support Marillion later this year in Enschede.

If I was forced to make a comparison in style, I would think of Marillion or for a moment or two Gazpacho. An album review will be published on this website soon, so I will restrict myself to all things happening on stage. Obviously A Liquid Landscape performed some songs of the already mentioned album of which Phases and The Unreachable are most notable and striking. This is serious atmospheric progressive rock. Serious because of the refined compositions and craftsmanship. To a crowd that was way too small in numbers -the band deserves much better- but that reacted largely impassioned at the same time. After the final song the audience even suggested to overrule the management by demanding for more. An apt statement.

Setlist A Liquid Landscape
Nightingale Express
The Unreachable
Thieves of Time
Wanderer’s Log: Storm
Secret Isle

The Intersphere

Next on stage tonight was The Intersphere bringing us one of the final shows of their Hold on, Liberty! tour through Germany and Holland. Not a trace of artrock to be spotted here. The stage swapped from seriousness to sheer fun instantly. And these relaxed guys of The Intersphere certainly rock. In a different way and with an open-minded, unprejudiced liberal approach to rock. This band has a mission to success and has created a superb mixture of addictive indie and progrock over the years. Fresh and startling. Energetic and dynamic. According to the other band members almost all of this derives from the chaotic mind of Christoph Hessler (vocals, leadguitar). For nine years and for three full length albums now. And they will start working on their forth album this summer.

The Intersphere

A review of the brand new Hold on, Liberty! album will be published on this website soon. So, again, I will restrict myself to the things happening on stage. Some songs performed, clearly emit a more indie atmosphere while most songs are not. Although rather simple in structure, I think that songs like Sleeping God, Google, OpalinE and Over are fine examples of this bands fresh approach to catchy styled progressiveness. Thus jumping effortless over ancient boundaries that try to categorize every note.

The Intersphere

These cheerful and enthusiastic guys, each of them fulltime musician or producer, will without any doubt appear at your radar screen sooner or later. So get ready for it. The crowd, increased to about the unimaginable number of almost fifty, already showed how to appreciate this band. And I couldn’t agree more. Smashing!

Setlist The Intersphere
Prodigy Composers
Small Ones Brainpain
Interspheres Atmospheres
Hold On, Liberty!
Sleeping God
I have a place for you on Google Earth

Early Bird
Parallel Lines


Different bands in style, yet similar in many ways I stated. Since you got to read the review this far, you will have an idea of the differences by now. The similarities are to be found in the way these bands set their goal and go for it. The way they live for music and want us to be part of that. And that they are both fully able to bring us really great progressive music. So both bands need and deserve bigger audiences and attention. Read the upcoming albums reviews, listen to some samples and if you want a live experience, come and see them on stage in the near future. The Interspere promised to be back in the Netherlands on September 16 at the Breda Barst Festival while A Liquid Landscape will please you together with Marillion in Enschede on November 19.


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Het Kasteel


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