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Threshold & Day Six

25th March 2011
De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Article and photos by Andrť de Boer

Day Six

To start with, please let me be clear about one thing. Although Threshold was the headline act, I went to this gig to enjoy Day Six once again. Thus I was only very curious as to what the rest of the night would bring.

Being the official support band, Day Six showed up first. Their appearance at the P=Progrock Festival in Helmond last year has made a profound impression on me. This is Progressive Metal the way I like it. This is one of the new Dutch progressive gems of today. But tonight it did not fulfil my expectations. I had the strong impression that singer and lead guitarist Robbie van Stiphout only participated for one hundred percent after a song or two. He probably was a bit distracted by the poor quality of the sound. A very muzzy sound that sometimes did not reveal him playing lead guitar at all. This disturbed the experience.

Day Six

A pity as it was not up to the high standards that Iím used to at this venue. Later on it got a bit better. The band only played songs from their most recent DPRP recommended album The Grand Design. Not a bad choice since it is their best product up until now and support slots such as this are the way to get the attention of a wider audience. Their set ended up with a steaming Age Of Technology.



Threshold And now for the main act. Let me put it this way; these metallers have many years of experience, a huge catalogue of releases, a good reputation, and a solid sound. They presented a good show and the 300+ audience enjoyed it a lot. Damian Wilson had a good voice tonight and was really enjoying himself entertaining the crowd. It is always nice to see a personality like him leaving the stage for several times to take a stroll amidst the crowd. He made his way hugging and kissing, followed by a white, super trouper beam of light, whilst his band members continued playing an instrumental set. And playing well is what they all did. Karl Groom is not the person to show off but he did an excellent job, as did Richard West on keyboard. Other than Wilson, only drummer James tried to attract some attention by constantly throwing around his sticks (without ever missing one!), grinning his white set of teeth and successfully trying to end every song with the sound of his drum kit. Enthusiasm all the way and the show was helped by a sound and lighting quality that suits de Boerderij better this time. Luckily for me they also played their most progressive song Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams from the album Dead Reckoning. The three-piece encore contained Slipstream, another of my other favourite songs. As a conclusion: There is never a dull moment with Threshold on stage. For my taste thereís only one thing that Threshold misses, a new attack on progressiveness. I sure hope their announcement of a forthcoming new album will do just that, so they can force themselves into the highest ranking of prog greatness. For that is where they should belong.


If you have the chance you can see both bands at the Fused Festival in Lydney (UK) in April 1st -3rd. Iím a very lucky man, living that close to de Boerderij where there is always a nice atmosphere, some friends and again some very nice music on stage.

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