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Pagan's Mind

Thursday, 26th May 2011
De Kade, Zaandam, the Netherlands

Article and photos By Ron van Schaik

Beyond The Labyrinth

On this Thursday I was on my way with my buddy Hans to De Kade in Zaandam. Unfortunately it appeared to be the last time, this nice venue is also closing. It hurts to see that due to cutting back many of these nice venues disappear. We were a bit early and at eight o'clock we were drinking a beer in the pub of De Kade.

Someone was standing next to us with a shirt on which was printed the very first Bad Company album. We had a nice chat with this guy until ha asked for the key to the dressing room. He appeared to be the guitar player for the Belgian band Beyond The Labyrinth, the support act for the evening. At exactly nine o'clock they started playing in front of a very small audience

Beyond The Labyrinth

The numbers were very well crafted and we enjoyed the good music. Unfortunately the band had one problem, the vocalist. A guy with a nice face, but his voice was too thin for the music. Only during the song In Flanders Fields it all sounded pretty reasonable. When the guitar player saw me standing in the front row he gave a plectrum, it had a beautiful inscription of the bands naam.

Setlist Beyond The Labyrinth
Saturation Point
Peter Principle
Girl With The X-Ray Eyes
In Flander Fields
Pure Sabotage
Fear's The Killer

Pagan's Mind

And then at ten o'clock it started, in November 2008 I had seen Pagan's Mind as a support act of Sonata Arctica at Tivoli and I was impressed. I was wearing a Pagan's Mind shirt I bought at that concert. It started perfectly with the opening song from the new album Heavenly Ecstasy, a song called Eyes Of Fire. A very powerful chorus with a strong chorus. Right after that an old favourite, Enigmatic Calling, and the tone was set.

Pagan's Mind

Thankfully more people arrived at De Kade, approximately 150, but it was still much too quiet for a band like this. The band did not seem to care an played with a lot of passion and enthusiasm, the crowd reacted to that and almost all songs were applauded by the crowd. Vocalist Nils took two breaks, once during Ronny's solo and later on for the encores. He told he brook his hip a about three weeks before the concert and was in pain moving around on the stage. We indeed noticed he moved around a bit painful.

Pagan's Mind

During Hallo Spaceboy the crowd went wild, during this song you could clearly hear how good of a vocalist Nils is. Also guitar player Jørn Viggo Lofstad played excellent and keyboard player Ronny Tegner was in constant interaction with the audience. During the encore De Kade again roar with great songs like Through Osiris' Eyes and Alien Kamikaze. We left fulfilled after this excellent concert, this band deserves more attention.

Setlist Pagan's Mind
Eyes Of Fire
Enigmatic Calling
Walk Away In silence
Aegean Shores
Keyboard Solo
God's Equation
United Alliance
Farewell (instrumental)
Hallo Spaceboy
Evolution Exceed

The Celestine Prophecy
Through Osiris' Eyes
Alien Kamikaze


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