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Saturday, 3rd December, 2011
De Gigant, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

Article and Photos By Menno von Brucken fock

Kayak Many people will have thought the passing away of Kayak's drummer/keyboardist/composer/producer Pim Koopman would be the end of Kayak. Once the flagship of Symphonic Rock in the Netherlands during the seventies and eighties, the band slowly changed to a well respected 'symphonic pop-group'. Kayak today is fronted by the cheerful and handsome Cindy Oudshoorn, while former lead singer for the band in the late seventies and early eighties, Edward Reekers, returned to the fold too some years ago.

The tribute to Pim Koopman in November 2010 set things in motion again and the current leader of the band Ton Scherpenzeel (keyboards/composer) decided Kayak would be performing again and started to compose for the current album Anywhere But Here. To promote this album Kayak recently toured the smaller venues throughout the Netherlands and did shows all over the country.

Ton, Cindy and Edward, together with guitarists Joost Vergoossen and Rob Vunderink as well as their new drummer Hans Eijkenaar did a very successful tour and I had the pleasure to see them live in the cozy venue in Apeldoorn downtown. People from different age-groups gathered to see the six-piece and just like me: they weren't disappointed! To my surprise,

"De Gigant" was practically sold out and that's not bad at all for a (former) prog band!! There was an excellent atmosphere and a band in full swing started with some tracks from the new album before digging deeper and deeper in the rich history of Kayak-music. Of course there was also a spot in remembrance of Pim Koopman and what struck me most, was the silence in the venue during melancholic ballads like Passing Cloud or Well Done.


Cindy's superb performance was highlighted in the Koopman song Man In The Cocoon and while most of the guitar solos were played by Vergoossen, the star of the show at the end was Rob Vunderink doing the lead vocals in The Most underrated Band In The World.


In spite of the break that tends to disturb ones attention, the show went on as if there had been no break at all. As in the first part the songs were carefully chosen and Kayak played an excellent balance between old and new. The sound quality being really good, up front as well as in the back of the venue, nice light show and even an extra encore because the audience had been so genuinely enthusiastic.


I've always loved Reekers' voice and it surprises me time and time again how well he sings, with excellent pronunciation and a great feel for detail. Only the highest notes of the past are skipped but his performance as well as the interactions with the audience, just like Cindy, were impeccable. Eijkenaar, hardly visible in his cage of Plexiglas, was playing the drums as if he had been a member of Kayak for ages. He seemed to fit very well and the fact that he did the mastering of the latest album, means he certainly found his place in this line up.


As I've been seeing before whenever I saw the band live, there's always those joyful moments, interactions between the musicians that make you feel that both crowd and musicians are enjoying themselves and of course that's the way it should be. No doubt in my mind that this line up is able to maintain this high level of performance for many years to come and considering the number of younger people in the audience their future looks quite bright to me!

Indeed Kayak: well done!!


Hunter and Prey
Credible Lie
Never Was
My Heart never Changed
The Day Before The Angels Fell
Passing Cloud
Behind The Scenes
Over You
Man In The Cocoon
Well Done
Nobody Wins

Sweet Revenge
Selfmade Castle
Demon In Her Eyes
Anywhere But Here
Friendship And Love
Bury The World
Chance For A Lifetime
Starlight Dancer
The Most underrated Band In The World

Life Is Good
Ruthless Queen



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