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Wednesday, 22nd September 2010
De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Article By and photos by Menno von Brucken Fock

Billy Sherwood

Not from the ashes of Yes and Toto, but rather from musicians no longer welcome in aforementioned bands this collaboration arose between Tony Kaye, Billy Sherwood and Bobby Kimball. These three gentleman recently released an album called Elements but were clever enough to have the first pressing released as a double CD. CD2 being a live registration of mainly Yes and Toto songs.

Probably that's why the album sells fairly well, because on the night it was a bit of the same story: the band flourishes by performing the tracks -for the vast majority written by other musicians- made popular by Yes and Toto. Their own music is pleasant to hear but for my ears not interesting enough to be entertained on a decent level. In the setlist however a terrific medley of Yes music from the early period, fine music unlikely to be heard played by the current or future line ups of Yes, so a real treat indeed.

Johnny Bruhns

Kimball tried very hard but is getting problems with the higher notes and it is unclear to me why he pushes himself to the limit even with the genuine Yoso songs as well. Sherwood proved to be a terrific bass player and he definitely mimics Chris Squire in style and sound. As vocalist his voice comes close to the rather unique vocals by Jon Anderson, but he also had some problems with the higher notes. Maybe the temperature played a role too because especially Billy was soaking wet at the end of the show. Guitarist Johnny Bruhns had some problems during the first part of the show, playing out of tune several times, but considering the virtuosity of Howe and Lukather, he did a good job altogether. His acoustic solo must have been inspired by Steve Howe.

The drums were played by Scott Connor. His solo was really nice and he must be complemented on his performance. Kaye, 64 now, seemed to enjoy himself and although his contributions could have been played by a lot of other keyboardists too, it's the name that matters and he urely has some charisma left. Albeit looking like an over aged hippie and as usual playing mostly with one hand, he is still very energetic!

Bobby Kimball

Tony Kaye

The surprise of the evening was Kimball playing the piano. One would expect the keyboard player to play the piano but instead, Bobby performed the piano parts in some Toto songs and did an Elton John cover in his solo spot.

De Boerderij usually has a capacity of around 850 people, tonight 'only' 200 fans came out to see this 'supergroup'. Maybe the decision to play three concerts in The Netherlands wasn't a good one: only one would probably have been enough.

For me, the 'old' Yes-medley saved the evening because if you're used to see the different incarnations of Toto and Yes live, than Yoso cannot impress enough and is no more than a rather good cover-band. I can imagine Luke stating 'someone's doing a sort of Karaoke with my songs'.

Hopefully it's a learning curve for the members of Yoso as well and as Kaye promised my 'colleague' Robbert Schuller: the next album will be more progressive. Let's wait and see but for now, before and after having seen this band live, I really can't be as positive as another 'colleague', John O'Boyle has been in his review on Elements....


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