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Friday, 25th November 2010
Teatro Caupolican, Santiago, Chile

Article and photos by Juan Carlos and Rosa Araneda

This year has been hard for Chilean people. After the strong 8.8 earthquake that shocked the country at the end of February, then we suffered for months when 33 miners were trapped for almost three months at the bottom of a mine, but finally it had a happy ending when all they were successfully rescued.

On the musical side there was a good new at the end of the year. For prog fans like us it was a great new to hear that Yes will be playing in Santiago as part of their South American Tour 2010.

Teatro Caupolican is a remodelled venue located in the city centre and Yes had played live there in 1998. We were there then too. This time it was a hot spring day and the concert was scheduled at 21:00. Half an hour in advance the organizers announced that the concert would have a delay because the band and the equipment had arrived just some hours before to Santiago, after a strike in the Argentinean airport that delayed the flight. Thus it was a time to meet and talk to other prog fans while we wait for the concert to start up. On the stage the technicians worked thoroughly to make everything in tune for the band.



Finally at 21:50 lights went off and under a great ovation the Yes musicians appeared on the stage and immediately started playing Siberian Kathru. The sound was perfect and the band showed their musical quality playing this typical starting theme.

Then they followed with Iíve Seen All Good People but the microphone of Steve Howeís acoustic guitar didnít work in the beginning. So Steve stopped playing and a technician jumped on the stage to fix it and then Steve played the beginning again and the song could be properly performed.

One of the surprises for Chilean fans was the debut of the singer Benoit David, taking the role of the unforgettable Jon Anderson. Benoitís voice is excellent and he added lots of fresh power to the band but anyway we missed Jonís magical aura on stage.

Yes followed with Tempus Fugit and an old track from Astral Traveller that we did not recognize. Afterwards it was the time for Alan White to show his talent on the drums, playing a solo that closed with a big ovation from the audience.


The time to hear the classic And You and I came and the band performed a superb version that everybody enjoyed. Following Steve Howe offered his acoustic guitar solo playing The Clap and Mood For a Day.

Moving into the pop area, Yes played an excellent Owner of a Lonely Heart full of energy and enthusiasm. A great time came later when Yes performed the classic Heart of the Sunrise with Chris Squire making a superb bass playing, supported by Mr. White on drums. A weak point was a slight shift delay on the keyboard section by Oliver Wakeman.

Approaching to the end Yes played another great classic, Roundabout and after the loudy ovation they launched to the final number playing the typical closing track Starship Trooper. It was a great night with superb musicians playing a set that made him well known among prog fans. Lots of Yes followers arrived to the concert wearing the corresponding t-shirts.

Certainly Yes is one of the great bands of the 20th Century. They brought happiness to prog fans in Santiago after a hard year. Yes, thanks a lot!


Siberian Kathru
Iíve Seen All Good People
Tempus Fugit
Alan White drum solo
And You and I
Steve Howe guitar solo
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Heart of the Sunrise

Starship Trooper


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Teatro Caupolican


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