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Sunday, 24th October 2010
De Pul, Uden, The Netherlands

Article by Gert Hulshof

On Sunday 24th October, I found my way to The Pineapple Thief concert In De Pul Uden. The last time I had had the pleasure of seeing the band live was a while ago already, so I was pleased to be able to go and see them at this venue. With an already long day behind me I set off on my way to the Gig. Sadly, I was rather late, so I must apologise to the guys of support act Sun Domingo that I did not see their whole performance.

Sun Domingo

What I did see of Sun Domingo really did impress me, these guys, who I had never heard of before, sure played a great show that night and were more than capable of supporting a band like The Pineapple Thief. After having seen only half of their gig, I must say they had it going for themselves. Looking at the audience they can be really pleased, the audience was pleasantly surprised by their musicians ship as well as the music. The music was sort of a mix of heavier rock sound, alternative and progressive. The Kind of music that suits well with The Pineapple Thief.

Sun Domingo played for nearly an hour performing some of the highlights of their music. Sun Domingo is an experienced band having performed at the Marillion USA convention and they know what is needed. Not afraid of self criticism nor performing coversongs, these four talented musicians from Atlanta, USA gave us a great show. It probably is not the last I have seen or heard by these guys.

The Pineapple Thief

The show starts with "God Bless The Child", music is coming from a tape, showing the guys in. After they take position on stage they start playing on top of the tape and take over. From the start of this gig it leaves no doubt Bruce and companions want to really give the audience a good time. Roughly bringing us a show with songs throughout the works. Most of the songs are of the heavier songs from the various albums. Bruce has taken over, Tightly Unwound from the 2009 album of the same name, is the second song of the evening. The atmosphere is great already, even if at gigs like this one the venue is not sold out. Thatís a shame really the music and band of course are great.

About 250 people tops saw a brilliant Bruce and band, highly concentrated to bring us a show we would never forget. I am always amazed at how good the sound of the various tiny instruments come out when playing live. The shakers, flutes all these can be heard terrific sound. Now ďde PulĒ has great sound. The theatre is well suited for the gigs. About half way through the show, things are taken down a bit with an acoustic set. A new song is brought to us for the first time available on the newest ep "Show A Little Love" the song itself is "Counting The Cost", directly after this, "Part Zero" is played, half way through acoustically and then going back to full electric. In the process the band gets help from the audience by means of hand claps, although this was not all that loud.

During play the audience is awfully silent and still, truly enjoying what has been brought to them. To put an end to the terrific show, The Pineapple Thief play "Too Much To Lose", with Bruce at his best imitating the late great Jimi Hendrix, shredding the guitar like never before and never again.

After a very short break we get the encore, "Nothing at Best", and more. But what song or if it were two songs all together I cannot clearly remember.

I had a great time and saw a wonderful show At the end of the show I was dead tired after an awfully long day and still had to travel 2.5 hours to get home. I hadnít really prepared for a weekend like this with only 5 hours of sleep in 60 hours, but in the end the weekend was absolutely fantastic with a brilliant show of The Pineapple Thief and support Sun Domingo to finish.

See ya at another gig somewhere.

Set Lists
Parked Car
Bound By These Rings
New Love City
It's Happening Now
For Only You
Something Face
A Song In Your Name
Afraid of Americans

GBTC (god bless the child)
Tightly Wound
3000 Days
Wake Up the Dead
Shoot First
Different World
All You Need to Know
My Debt to You
Counting the Cost
Part Zero (acoustic version)
Show a Little Love
Preparation for Meltdown
So We Row
Too Much to Lose
NAB (nothing at best)
and it was either Light Up Your Eyes or We Love You (I can't remember)

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