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Tarja Turunen

Tuesday, 11th October 2010
013, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Article By and photos byMenno von Brucken Fock


The only concert in The Netherlands by Tarja Turunen, the former vocalist for Nightwish, was in Tilburg, in the south of the country. No surprise there were Belgian and German fans too! To my surprise the venue (2000 people) didn't sell out as only half of the capacity was used. Maybe this is due to the enormous amount of shows in these last months of the year and the fact that at least in 'progressive' and related concerts the numbers of visitors are decreasing. Hopefully this is not a phenomenon that will be the trend in 2011!

Firstly a half hour of 'gothic metal' by a quartet from France, Markize was founded in 2003 by Alina Dunaevskaya (vocals, lyrics, keyboards) and David Verbecq (drums). Together with guitarist Franck Chantrier and bass player Julien De Feyssal and a lot of electronics and keyboards coming from a lap top, the band played some of their own songs and a Lady Gaga cover. Alina originates from Russia and wore a spectacular outfit, but her performance -I regret to say- was mediocre. Although she has a beautiful body and a pretty face and she tried her best to entertain the audience, the responses were minimal and she had considerable difficulties to keep her voice in tune, while Chantrier's guitar wasn't tuned perfectly either. In my opinion Markize should have replaced the Lady Gaga song by one of their own, because their music is not bad at all and probably the second album the band is working on right now will be quite enjoyable indeed. Alina is a very nice artist to watch but her voice definitely needs some more training!

Tarja Turunen

Tarja Turunen

Then Tarja..... what a beautiful and graceful lady and what a performer she has become! Backed by a fantastic band she had the audience in her spell within no time and all the crowd was overwhelmed. The band 'fronted' by eye-catcher Mike Terrana, played very well and Tarja's voice, especially her trained soprano was more powerful than ever before.

A mixture of songs from the album My Winter Storm and of course a lot of songs from her new album What Lies Beneath were performed with more power and sounded almost better than on the record itself! Of course there was a massive response to the only Nightwish song the band played 'electric': End Of All Hopes. I don't know whether this song was chosen on purpose because of the lyrics but it was a superb rendition.

In his spot Terrana stole the show with his massive muscles in a impressive drum solo, ended with him totally freaking out over a very familiar classical piece: the William Tell Overture. Following the Nightwish cover there was an extraordinary tasteful mellow section with Kretschmar playing cello alongside Max Lilja and both Scholpp and Chown playing acoustic guitar and bass respectively. In the last part Tarja played the keyboard.

Tarja Turunen

Tarja Turunen

Tarja, changing her clothing several times and performing the last songs in white, made it very clear she was the star of the show and the director as well but she paid tribute to her fantastic set of musicians at the end of the evening.

A set of almost exclusively het 'own' songs except for those two Nightwish songs (Lappi I - Erämaajärvi beinf the other) and the first encore: a medley from three well known hits from the past, among others by Bon Jovi.

What a pity and a shame she is no longer with Nightwish and not only because Tarja is a diva and an incredibly good looking woman, in my opinion she has a much better voice than Miss Olzon! No doubt in my mind, she is going to make it on her own and if she can maintain this level of performance, she deserves a fully packed "013" the next time!

Tarja Turunen


Dark Star
My Little Phoenix
I Feel Immortal
Falling Awake
I Walk Alone
Drum Solo Mike Terrana
Little Lies
End of All Hope
Lappi I - Erämaajärvi (acoustic)
Damned and Divine / Our Great Divide (acoustic)
The Archive Of Lost Dreams
Ciarán's Well
In For A Kill

Where Were You Last Night/Heaven Is A Place On Earth/Living On A Prayer
Until My Last Breath
Die Alive

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