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Sunday, 11th April 2010
Bluescafe, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Article By Gert Hulshof and Live Photos By Peter Vroon

Early Sunday afternoon I set out for my journey south to the lovely city of Apeldoorn. RPWL were to give a concert at Blues café. I must admit I was rather surprised that a band like RPWL would be performing in a well known Blues hangout like Jan’s Blues café. What surprised me maybe even more than the venue was the timesetting. Not being a festival but only a show by RPWL the concert time 17:00 seemed rather early.

I arrived early as 16:15, while the band were still setting up for the gig. As they were still setting up gave a chance to speak with the club owner. Turned out the gig wouldn’t start until 18:00.


Around 17:00 though people started to turn up for the concert, the atmosphere in the pub was great, really intimate. I went to meet the boys, spoke with them and found out they needed to improvise a bit because not all their equipment would fit. They were able though to hang up two Videowalls and Beamers. Asking him for a setlist Kalle told me they were not sure what they would play because of the venue being a bit smaller. So we agreed he would supply me with one afterwards whilst I tried during the concert noting down the songs. Afterwards we would do an interview.


The Concert Tour RPWL are currently on is to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Alas it was time to start with the show. As a former Pink Floyd tribute band they started with Astronomy Domine. My barmate for the evening was already won over by the sound of the first notes. Continuing the show with own work Start the fire followed by Spring of Freedom, Breath in Breath Out and In Your Dreams. All great songs and a super performance.

Yogi started announcing the next song by saying to the audience: “Normally we would excuse ourselves to the public by saying, we are sorry we are not a prog band, but now we probably must say sorry but we are not a Bluesband”, this of course was greeted with laughter in the audience. He continued the introduction: “the next song we will play is a song from the Stock album, at the time it was released I remember receiving an e-mail back from a journalist saying; congratulations you have just released your first prog song". The song he was talking about was The Gentle Art of Swimming. The song contains some excellent drumming by Marc Turiaux.

The next song again got introduced by Yogi with something more about the prog subject. The song itself This Is Not a Progsong, it contains a superfast medley of famous progtitles. It is astonishing to notice how quick the band changes from one song into the other. Great interaction between drums, guitar, bass and keys. Leaving Yogi at times speechless, not able to sing the lyric to the melody just starting. Once again amazing good craftsmanship.

Then it is time to relax a bit: The show is continued with an acoustic set of 4 songs(The Way It Is, Crazy Lane, I Don’t Know and Wasted Land) the acoustic set is ended semi-acoustic 3 Lights. We are now well 1.5 hours under way of the show.


After the break we once again come to know how good a band RPWL is, also in performing 3 Floyd songs in a row. Biding My Time, Fat Old Sun and Have A Cigar. Normally you can hear very well if a singer is German, but with Yogi this is not the case, sure there is an accent but that does not disturb a bit.

After this there is more speed in the show and less introductions in between the songs. Trying To Kiss The Sun, Sleep and Day on my Pillow (I Know What I Like) follow one another almost without a pause.

After this a new song from The Gentle Art of Music CD is introduced. The song Cake is accompanied by Yogi handing out cakes to the front row audience. Then they continue with what is supposed to be the last song of the evening. They bring us Roses. Once a single for the band.


Nearly 3 hours after the show has started - they end the show.

Only to come back after loud applauding for an encore. For the first of the encores - they performed two - is the first track from God Has Failed in a different form, Hole In The Sky is a song in three parts. Only part 1 and 3 have been played. Next is last but not Least the famous In The Court of the Crimson King, of King Crimson fame. I seldom have heard it played so very well, at least in a setting so small. Stunning guitar, bass and equally beautifully played keys.

All in all it was a very good show at the Bluescafé, RPWL is definitely an excellent band and I must say to get the music across, in a way they did, at a venue smaller than they are used to, also takes a sound engineer who knows what he is doing - excellent work by Bernhard Frank the audio engineer for the show. All throughout the show close-up pictures of a bandmember or other footage was shown on the videoscreens to accompany the music which gave a fun effect at times. What a show almost 3.5 hours long and the 120 people attending were treated to their monies worth.

Astronomy Domine
Start The Fire
Spring Of Freedom
Breath In, Breath Out
In Your Dreams
Gentle Art Of Swimming
This Is Not A Prog Song
Acoustic set: The Way it Is, Crazy Lane, I Don’t Know, Wasted Land
3 Lights

Biding My Time
Fat Old Sun
Have A Cigar
Trying To Kiss The Sun
Day On My Pillow (I Know What I Like)

Hole In The Sky
In The Court Of The Crimson King


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