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Friday, 9th October 2010
Westfalenhallen, Dortmund, Germany

Article and photos By Menno von Brucken Fock


Half a year ago I decided to go to Germany because I felt that if I wanted to see Grobschnitt (albeit not the original line up), I would have to go to our neighbors. The concert in Osnabrück turned out to be a real treat but in the interview I had the pleasure of being able to do with Milla Kapolke, I found out that because of the relatively small stage, Grobschnitt couldn't perform the whole show.

The band celebrates 40 years of Grobschnitt and will perform only a few more concerts before this incarnation of the band give their farewell performance in Neuss on April 2! So once more a journey to Germany but fortunately I could combine this trip with an interview with former Grobschnitt drummer EROC, which will be on line soon.


The hall was nicely filled, but not sold out and to be honest, I liked the smaller venue of Osnabrück better. This time the band opened with their new version of Rockpommel's Land and on this occasion the show was complete featuring the big Marabou, the bird that carries Ernie in the story. Many of the same features as in the show already reviewed, but in this case there was plenty of space to get the best out of the 'actor's' performances. Even flames and fireworks to enlighten the stage! Both Wildschwein and Moff Mollo ahd some minor difficulties with the highest notes but having listened to some of the Grobschnitt Story albums, I can only say that for Toni Moff Mollo this wasn't that much different from some 30 years ago! The band played tight and the sound again was perfect.


Wildschwein made a big effort to be the director of the theatre and he was on stage constantly and obviously in a good mood too. Some of the members of the band must be over sixty years of age and thus it's no wonder that they have decided to call it a day. Hopefully the band will live on in the memories of all those who have been able to attend their concerts for the last two years. They are truly a unique band and maybe, just maybe they are changing their minds about being not interested to record a DVD.... only 5 shows left and by the time you will read this, just 4.

22-01-2011 Stadthalle Hagen
11-03-2011 Stadthalle Osterholz-Scharmbeck
19-03-2011 C-Halle ehem. Columbiahalle Berlin
02-04-2011 Stadthalle Neuss

So....if you can, catch them if you can, it might well be your last chance!


Setlist (random order)
Ernie's Reise
Severity Town
Rockpommels Land
Vater Schmidt
Simple Dimple
Keine Angst
Film im Kopf
Silent Movie
Könige der Welt
Komm und Tanz
The Sniffer
Mary Green
Der Western
Another Journey
Space Rider
Powerplay Finale
Solar Music Finale


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