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Summer's End Festival 2010

Dead Heroes Club

Summer's End Festival 2010
Lydney Town Hall, Lydney, UK
Sunday, 10th October 2010

Article By Geoff Gold & Photographs by Bo Hansen

This year's Summer's End progressive rock festival in Lydney was a veritable helter-skelter of Prog royalty and talent. The stage was graced by those such as Roine Stolt of Flower Kings and Transatlantic fame, John Mitchell newly of It Bites but once of Arena, Frost and Kino, Pete Trewavas – bass maestro of Marillion and Transatlantic – all of this consolidated by powerhouse acts such as Phideaux, Sylvan and the overtly Genesis-themed The Watch.

Out of the shadow of such illustrious company and into the stage fog and the dimming lights stepped Irish band Dead Heroes Club, a relatively unsung but now unquestionably emergent force in Prog Rock. From the first note of their performance this band lived every second of the music; each song was delivered with unmistakable passion, bucket-loads of power and lorry-loads of melody. The vocalist Liam Campbell came down into the crowd at one point as if he wanted to sing every word directly to everyone in attendance. His passion was a focal point for the band’s raw energy. This was prog, yes certainly: atmospheric moments awash with strings, melodic and detailed guitar lines, driving bass and stand out drum subtleties, yet this was more. This band writes fantastic songs, any listen to either of their two studio albums can confirm that, but live they offer these songs from the heart, and play as if they mean it, as if the music is not merely an exercise in musical gymnastics, but a cry from the soul. This came across at Summer’s End, no question! To use a tired, but descriptive, old cliché: Dead Heroes Club quite simply blew the roof off the venue with their impassioned, powerhouse brand of Prog Rock.

Lyrically Dead Heroes Club’s second album in particular ‘A Time of Shadows’ is a paragon of how emotion can make a song. Seeing the band live at Summer’s End, the emotion of the songs and the band’s delivery of those songs was unmistakable, palpable even. Make no mistake, Dead Heroes Club are a bona fide progressive rock band, one can easily detect the classic prog influences of Genesis, Pink Floyd and even bands like Rush in their music, but they bring something of their own to the live arena: a passion for the genre and the songs, an energy and a raw edge that a lot of modern prog lacks.

There were certainly great performances at Summer’s End 2010, The Flower King boys: Stolt and Reingold, the guys from Sylvan and The Watch all provided music and showmanship of the highest quality, yet in the midst of these names, for this reviewer, Dead Heroes Club stole in and stole the show. Surely it is only a matter of time until this Irish band is playing the biggest prog stages in Europe and further afield. The band announced at their Summer’s End show that they are working on new studio album and even premiered one of the new songs live, I await their new adventures into prog with bated breath to see how far these boys can really go!

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Liam Campbell – Vocals
Chris Norrby – Keyboards
Gerry McGerigle – Guitar
Wilson Graham- Bass
Michael Gallagher – Drums

Set List
Theatre of the Absurd
Gathering of Crows
A Secret Never to be Told
Hunger (new song)
A Time of Shadows

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