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Friday, 13th February 2009
Bibelot, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Article and photos By Menno von Brucken Fock

Xystus Just after the release of their first and brand new DVD, Xystus did a gig in the Bibelot one of the older buildings in the beautiful old part of Dordrecht, a city near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The first part of the evening consisted of watching the concert in Utrecht in July 2008 with the full USC (Utrechtsch Studenten Concert) orchestra on DVD. A fairly big screen, not too bright though and not a perfect synchronization between sound & vision, but surely a good impression of what the DVD Equilibrio Live had to offer. After this film the band played live and did two sets featuring their last album Equilibrio. Sadly enough not too big a crowd showed up to witness this concert: about 150 people. Really a shame because Xystus did well that evening. A fine opening of the show with The Traveller from their last album Equilibrio and their was an instant wave of recognition and enthusiasm. After Run and Hide (from the album Surreal) a mix of older songs both from Surreal and Receiving Tomorrow: Forgotten Years, A Waste of Compassion, Make it Happen, Everlasting Burden, My Saviour and R.O.C.. When Bas Dolmans picked up his guitar, he had some problems: he could hear it well but the audience couldnít. Fortunately this was fixed after two songs.


Xystus Background singer Fran(cis Stahlecker) is invited to the front of the stage by Xystus frontman Bas and together they sing Divided We Stand from Equilibrio. She proves herself a worthy stand in for Michelle Splietelhof. Around the break it is an emphasis on songs of Surreal: Holding on to Better Days, Voltage, Mystified and End of the Line. The rest of the show features Equilibrio songs, partly with special guests George Oosthoek (ex-Orphanage) and Simone Simons (Epica). After Forever Bound with Francis, George appears on stage and grunts Powerdrunk with Bas replacing John Vooijs who sings this song on the album. Also a nice performance of Last Breath and then itís time for the lovely red haired lady: Simone performs Song of Creation with Bas. The crowd must be fans of Epica too, because with her appearance all hell seemed to break loose. All four vocalists are featured in Balance Crumbles and the finale or rather the first encore, is for Simone with Bas singing God of Symmetry. A big hand for Xystus (with their three guests!) and once more Bas, Ivo, Bob, Mark and Joris return to the stage for the second encore: Why Me?. I go fairly often to gigs and I assure you that sometimes I wander indeed "why me" because the performance is too short, the support act sucks or I just didnít like the show and/or the sound but with Xystus there were no regrets at all!


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