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Thursday, 21st May 2009
De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Article By Edwin Roosjen
and photos By Edwin Roosjen and By Menno von Brucken Fock

Valentine Valentine is the brain child of dutch musician Robby Valentine. In the early nineties he scored a major hit with Over And Over Again. Most people only know him from this rock ballad and have never heard the bombastic melodic rock he made during the rest of his career. This could be because in the second half of the nineties his albums were only released in Japan. After a couple of years of silence the album The Most Beautiful Pain released in 2006 showed he was still going strong in his heavily Queen influenced style of music. Just a year later came the much darker sounding, even gothic, metal and industrial like, Falling Down In Misanthropolis, which was only released in Japan. Now people in Europe can enjoy many of the music of these last two albums because in Zoetermeer was the release party of his compilation album Androgenius. This two disc album features many songs from those albums completed with his early hits of which some have been rerecorded.

Valentine Robby Valentine loves a bit of glamor which was represented in the stage. Three big flags in the back with his Valentine sign and on each side of the stage a yellow and black flag waving because of a ventilator. Also a ventilator in front of the center of the stage so that his hair would wave in the air. The opening tune was the theme from Back To The Future and all band members entered the stage in tight black clothing. All members, but mostly Robby, were decorated with V's and Valentine signs. The guitar player even wore what looked like a lower back protector for motorcyclists with a 'V' on it. The show started with a new and darker version of his hit now renamed to Over & Over...Again, I must say I really like this version of that song. The Magic Breeze is also from the first album and a rerecorded version is present on the new album. What In the World I'm Waiting For is the first time the audience was introduced to The robettes. Two scarcely clothed girls that had to perform a bit of a silly act on toy trumpets. I Should Have Known Better and I'm going Under (Sedated) are two songs from The Most Beautiful Pain. The album I know best mainly because that is one of the few albums not only sold in Japan. Next two songs are from Seeing Is Believing, the ballad Dear Dad and rocker Fear Of Heights which starts in a Gary Moore like style. I Believe In Music is also rerecorded just like SOS. The latter is in fact a cover of the Abba song which was also present on Falling Down In Misanthropolis. Bass player Liselotte Hegt "Lilo" did the vocals while Robby took care of the bass. The chorus is played a lot faster than the original which received a lot of appreciation from the crowd. Too bad the Queen cover Flick Of The Wrist was not played.

Next up was guitar player Cyril Whistler for his solo spot on his violtar, a combination of an electric guitar and a violin. It had the sound of a guitar with the playing style of a violin, very nice. He kept it on his shoulder for Make Way (For The Messenger), a powerful rock song which featured the first guest performance. Former Vandenberg vocalist Peter Strykes demonstrated his heavy rock voice for this song. Next was Robby himself to show his magnificent skill on the piano. His solo featured bits from Chopin and Tschaikovsky, he played it brilliantly. His solo made a nice transition to The Cold And Lonely Lie. After that the rock song 4th Rate Razorback pushed some energy in the venue.


Next special guest was Jeff Scott Soto, former singer of Yngwie Malmsteen and Journey. With Robby he shares the love for the music of Queen and the first song was Love Of My Life. It needs no guessing that many people waited for this moment, to hear a song like that from a vocalist like Jeff Scott Soto is not something you see/hear everyday. I was hoping for a rock song which I got, during No Turning Back Jeff Scott Soto sounded just like I remember when I was a teenager and listened to Malmsteen. On the guitar was other special guest Rob Winter who played with Robby in the early years and is now playing with famous dutch singer Marco Borsato. A drum solo is not the most interesting part during a live show, except for Rush of course, but the Robettes with cat masks joined the stage while Andre Borgman (former After Forever) was doing his thing. They stayed on for some dance moves on Rock Me Like A Hurricane. It did not look as silly as the trumpets but it all reminded me of a Jane Fonda workout movie. Last song for the official part of the set was Save Myself, his new single which features Idols star Marlies Schuitemaker. The song was already present on Falling Down In Misanthropolis and it is a great single. It shows the power of the new style of Robby Valentine, I hope he will get a wider audience in his home country. The voice of Marlies and Robby fit very well together although I must say at this point in the gig his voice was, nicely put, not as good as at the beginning. Thankfully keyboard player Johan Willems "Jay-Jay" helped him out a lot. For the encore Marlies return also to sing A New World. The last song was the same the opener but now in it's original form. Over And Over Again might be his biggest hit I sure appreciate his more recent works a lot more, and I got plenty of that this evening. Robby Valentine is ready for a new boost and this time hopefully not only in Japan. With the release of Androgenius Valentine made a big step. Robby has a great band behind him so I can only wait for new material and hope it is much easier to aquire than his other albums.


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Over & Over...Again
The Magic Breeze
What In the World I'm Waiting For
I Should Have Known Better
I'm going Under (Sedated)
Dear Dad
Fear Of Heights
I Believe In Music
SOS (Abba cover)
Violtar Solo
Make Way (For The Messenger)
Piano Solo
The Cold And Lonely Lie
4th Rate Razorback
Love Of My Life (Queen cover)
No Turning Back
Drum Solo
Rock Me Like A Hurricane
Save Myself

A New World
Over And Over Again

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