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Stream Of Passion & Cardamon

Friday, 12th June 2009
Patronaat, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Article and photos By Menno von Brucken Fock


Cardamon Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to miss Stream of Passion's show in Tilburg with Autumn, but I got another chance a week later in Haarlem, near Amsterdam. This time a new young band appeared on stage as support for Stream of Passion: Cardamon. There was one very familiar face however: Cardamon's bass player turned out to be Luuk van Gerven (ex-After Forever). The band didn't have too much space on the rather small stage with SoP gear already set up. They played mainly songs from their new and first full length album The Primrose Path.

Unlike Delain, SoP, After Forever, etcetera, Floortje Donia chose not to wear very extravagant nor tasteful clothing, which I think was a pity. When I'm listening to a record I don't mind how musicians dress, but when I go to a live show, I think a little bit more emphasis on the show-element such as dress and make up wouldn't hurt and in fact would be of benefit. Although the performance wasn't too bad, the songs couldn't convince me just yet, nor the vocal performance by Floortje Donia. With her hair before her eyes like the Yardbirds or Brian Jones in the sixties, she has to learn a lot to become a real performer. I regret to admit that all and all I wasn't too impressed and even Luuk couldn't save the day. Also I missed a real keyboardplayer. The band surely has some potential and I'm curious what the actual album sounds like!

Setlist Cardamon
Sleepless World
Deaf Or Blind
Never A Tear
Common State of Mind
Spanning The Distance
When Space & Time Collide

Stream Of Passion

Stream Of Passion Stream Of Passion was originally the brainchild of Arjen "Ayreon" Lucassen. He invited Mexican singer Marcela Bovio and along the way guitarist Lori linstruth, Alejandro Millan (piano, just like Marcela member of Mexican band Elfonia), Davy Mickers (drums) and Johan van Stratum (bass) completed the line up. The first album was called Embrace The Storm and was released in 2005. The compositions, arrangements as well as part of the recordings were realized using the internet. A tour followed and a live CD/DVD Live In The Real World was released in 2006. Because Arjen and subsequentially Lori and Alejandro left, Marcela and Johan (with Davy still recording with them) decided to look for new bandmembers and continue SoP. The result is a very strong new album filled with good songs and lots of energy: The Flame Within.

The amount of energy displayed on stage was very impressive. Led by the beautiful voice of the attractive Marcela Bovio, Johan van Stratum turned out to be an eye-catcher as well. Superb playing by lead-guitarist Stephan Schultz and also a very solid performance by the "Bachelor" Jeffrey Revet on the keyboards. The huge shape of SoP's own ‘prince of darkness' Erik Hazebroek filled up Marcela's right side of the stage, while Johan van Stratum was just about anywhere.

To Marcela's left, standing in the background and replacing Marcela's sister Diana was Lucy Legaspi. Not so much on the foreground as Diana used to be, but her contribution were valuable and she gave a very expressive performance. A big round of applause for Martijn Peters who joined the band just recently to replace Davy Mickers. The ex-NoVact drummer played exceptionally well and with ease. SoP may consider themselves lucky to have found Peters! The songs from the new album (in fact the whole album was performed live) were even more powerful then on the studio album and the oldies sounded different and exiting with this new line up. Stream Of Passion is ready to conquer more than just the Netherlands and it's a shame the venue wasn't packed, fortunately there were enough fans to make this a most enjoyable evening.

Stream Of Passion


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Setlist Stream Of Passion
The Art Of Loss
Now Or Never
In The End
When You Hurt Me The Most
Let Me In
My Leader
Wherever You Are
Run Away
Games We Play
This Endless Night
Burn My Pain
Out In The Real World
A Part Of You

All I Know
Street Spirit

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