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Riverside & The Pineapple Thief

Wednesday, 28th October 2009
Patronaat, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Article by Ian Butler

I did not know that The Pineapple Thief were the support act for the evening and I had not heard any of their material before. As a result I didn't know what to expect and honestly they were fantastic. Their live set was never over the top, filled with really tasteful keyboard sounds, varying atmospheres and great song ideas. A few tracks had some killer distorted bass lines, simple, but effective, relying on the timing. Sometimes it's what you don't play. I also enjoyed the guitarists approach of using a small amp that can be overdriven to great effect. They played some tracks from the forthcoming album, which were excellent, thoughtfully and carefully constructed. They also have a mix of shorter and longer songs which works so well. They reminded me of a cross between Radiohead and Elbow, sometimes edgy and raw and sometimes quiet and full of unpredictable moments. One of their best songs had a sort of Welcome to the machine Pink Floyd vibe and the last song the guitarist played some crazy guitar psychedelic slid, ala early David Gilmour. The sound quality was also acceptable but, as they were the support act the drummer was not really mic'ed up enough to give that last vital drive. It was great to see a band whose music you do not know to come away with such a positive opinion. Check them out and look at the DPRP reviews of the The Pineapple Thief for some guidance. I am looking forward to their new album already.

Next up were Riverside. I am very familiar with their music, perhaps to the point of overdosing. They divided the concert into two halves playing older material first and then the current album Anno Domini High Definition, which has received positive feedback from us at DPRP. I think most people, including myself predicted them to start with the new material, but they did not!

I like Riverside's ideas of building up intro's to songs and for the first song Panic Room, I could have been at an Ozrics gig! The sound quality was pretty bad to start with, not only noticed by me. Luckily it improved later. For the first half Riverside seemed to be 'waiting' to play the new material, or perhaps it was just my overdosing that I wanted to hear the new material live? Despite this they played with their hearts as they always do, with Mariusz in fine vocal form as ever.. They played the concert staples like Second Life Syndrome and if I am correct it transformed into Schizophrenic Prayer. The highlight from the first half was definitely In Two Minds, with Mariusz on acoustic guitar, a track I haven't heard for a while. Quite sentimental for a 'prog metal' band :-)

In the second half they played Anno Domini High Definition from start to finish. Predictably it followed the album quite faithfully, but it works extremely well live with loud riffing guitars and bass lines. I think that sometimes it's much harder to convey the quite atmospheric tracks in a concert venue rather than the obviously heavier pieces. The execution of the music was spot on, everything a rock band should be, solid, heavy and tight. I really enjoyed the performance of the album in it's entirety, as it's around 45 minutes. It makes such a change in these digital days of musical overkill, releasing a double CD of mediocrity than 50 minutes of great music. Left Out is my favourite track from the concert and ADHD album, and borrows that Floydian type groove that appears in Shine On.. Part 2 and Echoes.

After ADHD, they went back to the Voices In My Head ep and played Dna Ts. Rednum Or F.Raf and then to the first LP where they jammed it out a bit and got the compulsory crowd participation for the grand finale. Overall it was a great gig, perhaps with The Pineapple Thief being the most surprising and mentally stimulating of the two bands, but Riverside never fail to give a good live performance and deliver exactly what you went for. A fantastic evening of music.


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