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Edenbridge, Serenity & Sylver Myst

Friday, 25th September 2009
Het Front, Vroomshoop, The Netherlands

Article and photos By Menno von Brucken Fock

Sylver Myst

A fairly small venue in the eastern part of Holland near the German border was the decorum for three bands to showcase their talents. The first band to appear were the Dutch outfit Sylver Myst, hailing from the southern part of the Netherlands. The band plays self composed music in the vein of Aesma Daeva, Visions Of Atlantis and relates to the well known ‘gothic metal’ acts like Nightwish or After Forever. Maybe singer Tasmara Kel just did not have her best day but her vocal (both ‘ordinary pop’ as well as the soprano) could not convince me, while the compositions could be characterized as quite complicated or rather ‘not easy listening’. Of course it is hard to be original these days and therefore only the very best and/or the most peculiar outfits (like for instance Unexpect) have a chance of survival in this tough industry. In Vroomshoop just a few people seemed to be impressed by the outfit from the province of Brabant.

Sylver Myst setlist
Devoted Yet unable
Immortal Memories
Entangled By Lies
Escape From Reality
Heaven Blessed
Thrill For Tomorrow
My 3rd Eye


Serenity Edenbridge’s Record label mates Serenity, also from Austria, were the second band to perform, promoting their last album Fallen Sanctuary (from August 2008) and currently working on its successor. This band, in spite of the few people who came to see these three bands, were in excellent form and lead vocalist Georg Neuhauser proved to be a real showman. According to their site the band plays ‘melodic progressive power metal’ and in my opinion this is a fine description. Good melodies, catchy choruses and good craftsmanship, but certainly not too heavy: no grunts, no walls of sounds. Only problem is, that thousands of bands are playing this genre of music so it is even harder to break through to the bigger crowd than in the genre of gothic metal. However, according to the enthusiastic performance of this quintet, one might be inclined to think that the forthcoming album of Serenity (their fifth) could well be the final push to international recognition.

Serenity setlist
Intro (Pirates of the Carribean)
Reduced to Nothingness
Coldness Kills
Rust of Coming Ages
Sheltered (By the Obscure)
Engraved Within



Edenbridge Headliner for this evening were Edenbridge, already established internationally as one of the leading bands in the genre of gothic metal. Although singer Sabine Edelsbacher does not have a trained soprano voice, her voice is quite remarkable and instantly recognizable, but…. also rather fragile. The classical touch in Edenbridge’s music is obvious, guitarist and composer Lanvall (from Gandalf fame) being responsible. Although the band with ‘hired hand’ Simon Holzknecht from Serenity on the bass, played tight, I must say I do not like keyboards coming from a backing track. Just like real drums, I do like keys to be performed live and, in my humble opinion, more predominant.

The heavy riffs by guitarists Lanvall and Dominik Sebastian, supported by the powerful rhythm section consisting of Holzknecht and Max Pointner make the live sound a bit heavier than the sound on the subsequent albums. Sabine was handling her vocal duties alone (with the exception of a backing track now and then) and had a hard time to compete with these huge instrumental forces. Still, altogether the band performed very well and the setlist consisted of a nice selection of songs from their various albums. In my opinion Edenbridge could be even better with a second vocalist and a genuine keyboard player. The sound would be more varied and we could get some awesome duets between keys and guitars! In this line up, they are not just ready to be successful as a headliner.

Edenbridge setlist
Remember Me
Undying Devotion
Wild Chase
Centennial Legend
The Undiscovered Land
Fallen from Grace
My earth Dream

Cheyenne Spirit


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Het Front


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