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Mangrove & The Reasoning

Saturday, 24th May 2008
Metropool, Hengelo, The Netherlands

By Edwin Roosjen


MangroveOn the same evening that the Dutch football team were playing a friendly match against Ukraine, and the Eurovision Song Contest was being shown across the globe, I don't know if that was the reason but it was a fact that not many people took the effort to travel to Hengelo for The Reasoning concert. Only between forty or fifty people were present which made it not the best of circumstances to create a memorable evening.

The Dutch band Mangrove started off in a way common to many progressive rock bands, where one by one they entered the stage, and all were very focused on their instruments. Suddenly the music entered a more heavy part and singer/guitar player Roland van der Horst jumped around on both feet and asked the people to step closer to the stage to close the distance. Twice he stepped off the stage and walked around and across the venue. Sadly he did not have to worry about hitting people with the neck of his guitar, as he could have easily swung it around by it's guitar strap without injuring a single soul. On the album Facing The Sunset his vocals are not the best part and some people warned me about his singing but I can honestly say he proved them to be very wrong. His vocal performance was very good so a big thumbs up for him. The sound was good and Mangrove really did their best to entertain the people present. Keyboard player Chris Jonker played his instrument with his forehead and made funny faces. Half of the songs played came from their album Touch Wood. The songs Daydreamers Nightmare and Beyond Reality will appear on their forthcoming album. Hearing them for the first time I was impressed and I am anxious to hear about the new album.

Setlist Mangrove
Fatal Sign
Wizard Of Tunes
Cold World
There Must Be Another Way
Daydreamers Nightmare
Beyond Reality

The Reasoning

ReasoningIn the DPRP 2007 poll, The Reasoning were chosen as Best Newcomer. Their album Awakening had gained them a lot of followers, unfortunately not many of them took the effort to see them live on this occasion. Awakening was also their debut album, which automatically raises the problem that their material is not present in huge quantity so every song on that album was played in order to create a setlist of sufficient length. The band however played very well and the songs gained a lot of power played live. Aching Hunger really came out very nice live and after hearing that song performed live it has become my favorite song on the album. The Reasoning has the luxury problem of having three decent singers which should make every band jealous. A new album Dark Angel will be released later this year but of course some songs yet unreleased were played. The new songs that were played are Breaking The 4th Wall, Talk To Me and Sharp Sea. The last is song about the sirens from Homer's Odyssey as was explained by Rachel Jones.

ReasoningHalfway during the set the soundman for some reason thought it was necessary to increase the volume. This resulted in a decrease of sound quality with people stepping away to prevent hearing problems. I still do not know why some people think that simply loud is not loud enough. The members of The Reasoning clearly did not like that but bravely continued playing their music. The encore contained the title track from their new album Dark Angel which really impressed me and showed that the band would be back to end high in the DPRP Poll of 2008.

And so the concert came to an end and I'm sure they would have played more encores if the atmosphere had been right for it. A good concert but the atmosphere clearly suffered from the lack of people but hopefully this will increase when their new album hits the stores, the new songs sure sounded promising. Most people will remember this evening as the one on which the Dutch football team won the game against Ukraine, and when Russia won the Eurovision Song Contest but I will remember this as an evening of good music amongst a few but equally minded people.

Within Cold Glass
Talk To Me
Fallen Angels
Aching Hunger
Playing The Game
Chasing Rainbows
Breaking The 4th Wall
Sacred Shape
Sharp Sea
Shadows Of The Mind

Dark Angel


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