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Saturday 19 January 2008
Riga Bar, Southend, UK

Article By John Morley

A terrific start to the new year, with a series of live dates from The Reasoning. 4 dates in all at Crewe Limelight and Bilston Robin2 as well as the Cardiff and Southend dates. I would really like to have made them all, but unfortunately had previous commitments, so managed to make Cardiff and this one in Southend Riga Bar.

I like Riga bar – not only is it a great little venue with good sound, a good stage and good facilities, but the guys that run it are extremely helpful, committed and passionate about music.
Support band Touchstone played on the smaller stage at the back end of the room. (A very good idea that, makes setting up and soundchecks much quicker and easier). I enjoyed their set as always, but I really would like to see them on a bigger stage and at a headlining gig. I think they are ready for it now, the material is there, and the fans are starting to get behind them.

A different set from the last series of gigs, and as it should be for a band that is constantly evolving and working new numbers into the set. Talk to Me is the opener, and there are big grins on the bands faces, they are obviously having a great time! But that’s indicative of how tight these guys are, not just musically but also as a group of people. They are very much a unit and just can’t wait to get up on stage and play. The Billie Jean interlude goes down just as well tonight as it did in Cardiff – I think I am going to have to get myself a white glove...

Breaking the 4th Wall is already starting to sound like a classic track – Rachel and Gareth’s vocals on this song are nothing short of stunning. Another interesting new track is aired tonight, Sharp Sea, which already has what is fast becoming a very distinctive Reasoning sound.

Title track from forthcoming new album Dark Angel, and is just sounding better and better - an epic, heavy, twisting behemoth of a song with occasional hints of Dream Theater. And to finish off, what else but their barnstorming rendition of Deep Purple’s Stormbringer. The band seem to be picking up a very healthy collection of regular fans, and new people seem to be discovering the band all the time.

What is becoming more apparent the more I watch the band play is the diversity of styles that their set has – from the melodic, softer Karnataka songs and Breaking The 4th Wall, to the more intense numbers like Shadows Of Your Mind and Sacred Shape, to the heavier, rockier numbers like Awakening and Dark Angel, and finally the crowd pleasing, let-your-hair-down covers like Billie Jean and Stormbringer.

I know that this 4 date mini-tour has really whetted the bands appetite to get out and do more dates, and hopefully a longer tour. Like any band, the more they play the better they are, and from reports I have heard from the last night of this run at Bilston they were pretty awesome. There are a series of dates coming up in May in the Netherlands, and plans are afoot for more European dates later in the year.

With the new album due soon, things are going from strength-to-strength for a band that deserve to be seen and heard by a much wider audience.

Within Cold Glass intro
Talk To Me
Fallen Angels
Aching Hunger
Playing The Game
Chasing rainbows part 1
Billie Jean
Chasing Rainbows reprise
Breaking The 4th Wall
Sacred Shape
Sharp Sea
Shadows of The Mind

Dark Angel


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