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Porcupine Tree

Sunday, 27th April 2008
The Tivoli, Brisbane

Article By Daniel Bosch

Porcupine Tree completed their first, short concert tour of Australia (three dates in total) with their gig at The Tivoli in Brisbane on 27 April 2008. Standing in line waiting for the venue to open I met a number of people who had been to all three shows (Melbourne and Sydney were the other two, on the 25th and 26th respectively), even one guy who had travelled from the US to follow the band around Australia!

The opening act was a band from Melbourne called Sleep Parade, who opened for the whole tour. I had never heard of them before, let alone heard them. In short, they seem to be heavily influenced by Muse in particular and, whilst their set was reasonably enjoyable, they seemed to me to not have found a distinctive sound of their own yet. But they do have potential.

About 9pm Porcupine Tree hit the stage. I had a great position, about 4-5 meters from the stage and right in front of Steven Wilson. The near-capacity crowd roared their approval from the first song, “Fear Of A Blank Planet” all the way to the final song of the encore, “Halo”. Some members of the audience seemed to be intent on showing off their knowledge of the band’s history by shouting requests for obscure old songs like “Linton Samuel Dawson” and “Jupiter Island”. Obviously they were never going to play songs like these but, especially considering it was their first tour of Australia, it would have been nice if they had slipped maybe just one older song into the set. But that would be one of only two minor criticisms I have of the show. The other was that the sound was excellent apart from Richard Barbieri’s keyboards being a little too low in the mix.

As for the band themselves, they were in top form. The rear-projection films for the more recent songs were spectacular. A couple of particular highlights for me were Colin Edwin’s opening and Gavin Harrison’s percussion work in the middle of “Hatesong” (in fact the whole song was a highlight), John Wesley’s solo in the first section of “Anesthetize” and the whole of “Even Less”. Steven Wilson didn’t talk to the audience much except to introduce the occasional song and say how much they had enjoyed coming to Australia. He said none of the band had been to Australia before except Colin Edwin who, apparently, carries an Australian passport! When they came back on stage to play their encore, Steven said that they hoped to be back soon to play some new music, “but right now, we’re going to play some old shit”!

All in all a wonderful experience, the audience had a great time and I think Porcupine Tree have been pleasantly surprised at the size and intensity of their following down here. Hopefully they will be true to their word and tour again soon.

Intro film
Fear Of A Blank Planet
What Happens Now?
The Sound Of Muzak
Open Car
Dark Matter
Even Less
Blackest Eyes
Way Out Of Here



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