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Friday, 26th September 2008
Carling Academy, Islington, London, UK

Article By R Lamont Abrams

This lot played one of the best gigs I was ever at when they were touring "Once Around The World". However, Frank Dunnery's ego having long ago floated him off to the States and the rest seemingly unable to cope with the loss, I'd filed them in the box marked "Failed early promise". But, much to my amazement, nearly twenty years later, with Bob Dalton and John Beck from the original line up, there's a new album! I got the early release of The Tall Ships from the band's website and it's good, pretty darned good in fact, for those of us with a taste for prog pop. So, £18 of your Earth pounds for a ticket and in a small venue (with the average age comfortably over 35) they crank out about 14 songs.

Oh My God and Ghosts from the new album opened the show. They get a reasonable reception from the crowd given that the album isn't available from mainstream retailers yet, All In Red gets the crowd shouting, that old warhorse Plastic Dreamer is trotted out once more, and then, lo and behold! an acoustic intermission with John Beck emerging from behind the keys to play some acoustic guitar alongside John Mitchell. They play a wee bit of Once Around The World and then most of Still Too Young To Remember, the only cut from Eat Me In St Louis. There's Never Go To Heaven, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, Screaming On The Beaches, Midnight and Great Disasters, all performed with great panache. There's a note perfect The Old Man And The Angel, Kiss Like Judas and Calling All The Heroes to close. Aficionados might have spotted a tiny piece of Vampires, but it was no more than a couple of bars welded into an outtro.

Summing up, Lee Pomeroy handled duties on bass and backing vox very capably. John Mitchell sang and played a blinder, but seemed more comfortable playing the old material than the material he co-wrote. Early days perhaps and to be sure, there is much potential. Shame they didn't play The Tall Ships or Lights from the new album but I'd certainly go to see them again on this evidence.

Oh My God
All In Red
Plastic Dreamer
Once Around The World
Still Too Young To Remember
Never Go To Heaven
The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Screaming On The Beaches
Great Disasters
The Old Man And The ANgel
Kiss Like Judas [MP3 Link]
Calling All The Heroes

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