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Spock's Beard

Saturday, 26th May 2007
The Bosuil, Weert, The Netherlands

Article By Martien Koolen
Pictures by Sy Wooks Sedden

This was not the first time that I was at a Spock’s Beard gig and it was also definitely not the last time. Man, these guys know how to set a venue on fire. Right from the start with the amazing opening song “On A Perfect Day”, the entire audience was flabbergasted and in the right mood for a prog rock concert of the highest musical level. The sound was perfect and right from the beginning Nick, Ryo and especially Alan stole the show with their musical craftsmanship.

I was really surprised that The Beard also played a couple of older tracks, like the fantastic “In The Mouth Of Madness” (The Kindness Of Strangers, 1998), “Crack The Big Sky” (Day For Night, 1999) and “Walking On The Wind” from their second album “Beware Of Darkness” back in 1996!. I was also pleased that Alan was “allowed” to play one of his songs of his first solo album called “4 O’ Clock & Hysteria”. Alan chose the heavenly up-tempo “Return To Whatever” in which he really shone as a magical guitar picker. Naturally we could also “enjoy” the double drum solo by Nick and Jimmy Kegan, of course bringing back memories of good old Genesis. Ryo’s solo spot featured a rather soft melodic piano improvisation.

The greatest surprise of the show was that they played “Thoughts, Part 2” from the album “V” (2000) but the band really went wild in songs like “Skeletons At The Feast” (instrumental), “The Slow Crash Landing Man” and the beautiful epic “As Far As The Mind Can See”. And in a flash before my eyes the show was over, but The Beard returned for sadly only one encore, namely “Go The Way You Go”, taken from their very first album.

A truly remarkable show of a truly remarkable band that even gets better and better every time I hear them, even without Neal ...


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