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Thursday, 3rd May 2007
Vredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Article By Jeroen Henstra

Thereís no such thing as a weak Marillion concert. Itís something to look forward to, and something you will remember, as a voice from the past till you see them play somewhere else. This one was no exception.

My fifth Marillion live experience began with the end of A Dayís Work. The official start time of the concert didnít allow me to hear much of this band, but it sounded heavy and good. After quite some time the lights dimmed and the familiar intro of Splintering Heart sounded. A strong set opener! Until the loud part of the song, only h was onstage. Talk about loud, I assume that my girlfriend put her sweater in her ears for reasons of sound volume rather than musical quality... After the poppy Youíre Gone, the first song to be played from the new album Somewhere Else was Faith. A surprising choice. After a false start by Pete (playing acoustic guitar), the band didnít seem satisfied with this performance. Indeed the next new song, Thankyou Whoever You Are, made a better impression. The same was true for A Voice From The Past, a song that had not impressed me that much on CD. In between the new songs was a great performance of Afraid Of Sunlight, while Fantastic Place flawed a little. I was pleased with the choice for Beautiful and Man Of A Thousand Faces (album version), both played very well. Between You And Me isnít one of my favourites, but the giant balloons released over the crowd were a pretty sight. The intro of King announced the Ďendí of the show. The band has used this song as a set closer many times before, but it was nice to hear it again after quite some years. The end of this song was noisier than ever. Brilliant.

All band members except for h returned to the stage. The Invisible Man, one of their career highlights, was received with enthusiasm. This song not only featured strong musicianship but also great mimic by h. After the ovation Neverland was announced. Another great song, but it felt somewhat unnatural to hear it right after The Invisible Man. The band returned one more time to play Easter. h apologised for his vocal performances, but in my opinion it wasnít that bad. He assigned singing duties to the audience for the first part of the song, but nobody seemed to care. The second part was a worthy ending to the show anyway.

Highlights to me were Splintering Heart, Man Of A Thousand Faces and The Invisible Man. Also most of the new songs worked very well live, which increased my appreciation for Somewhere Else a little. Besides the fact that the running order of the songs didnít convince me, I also missed a selection from Brave. Although well balanced, the sound was a little on the loud side. But these are just minor complaints. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening.

Picture taken by Bart Jan van der Vorst

Splintering Heart
Youíre Gone
Thankyou Whoever You Are
Afraid Of Sunlight
A Voice From The Past
Fantastic Place
Somewhere Else
The Other Half
Man Of A Thousand Faces
Between You And Me

The Invisible Man



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