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Tortilla Army and Freak Kitchen

Tortilla Army - FREAK KITCHEN

Thursday, 28th September 2006
Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, UK

Words & Pictures By
Andy Read

The small brother of Nottingham's more famous Rock City, the Rescue Rooms is an intimate little venue where you have the chance to get up close and personal with the bands. It proved a great place to get to know these mad Swedes on their first-ever UK tour.

First to introduce themselves however were the support band. 'We're Tortilla Army from Kent, please enjoy our show,' announced the bassist. And yes I, and most of the audience, certainly did enjoy it. Their aggressive, groovy pop/rock gave a respectful nod to Freak Kitchen and Faith No More. The songs either got better, or I got more into the groove as the set progressed, with the last three particularly impressive. The raw ingredients are there, a bit more of a stage presence, especially from the guitarist, would capture an audience's attention more quickly. But they warmed the crowd up nicely.

It's been a bloody hard job trying to follow the careers of Freak Kitchen. For years their albums were near impossible to get hold of at a sensible price and this was their first live appearance on these shores. A big shame, as with superb albums like 'Move', 'Junk Tooth' and the latest offering 'Organic', their music has a massive potential to appeal to a wide audience with its cross-bred concoction of rock, pop, groove, funk, prog, metal and social angst.

Thanks to the support of their new UK label, placed in a live setting their music takes yet another dimension. It's just great to see a band having so much fun onstage. Not an ego in sight, they come across as real down to earth guys. Their energy and enthusiasm really is infectious.

Mainman Matthias I A Eklundh laughs and smiles and jokes with the crowd. A guitarist from the top draw, his solo spots include one played with chopstrocks and another with a locally acquired dildo! Dressed in bullet proof jacket and helmet, bassist Christer Ortefors is an absolute nutter, while drummer Bjorn Fryklund keeps the band in chaotic order.

It's when they hit a heavy groove, as on tracks like 'Blind' and the stompy 'Speak When Spoken Too', that the band really score big time. But it's the madcap quirkiness of it all that makes Freak Kitchen stand out from the crowd. My favourite freaky tune 'Nodbody's Laughing' rounded the show off in style, before the trio returned and allowed the crowd to choose the encore. 'Jerk' was the winner - althougb they could have happily played any of the 20-odd other tracks that people were shouting out, and no-one would have minded.

Rights To Me
Porno Daddy
My New Haircut
Taste My Fist
Vaseline Business
Propoganda Pie
Razor Flowers
Speak When Spoken To
Nobody's Laughing



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